In a book, former Bulls star argues and says that Michael Jordan ‘spoiled basketball’: ‘I wanted everything for him’

Michael Jordan’s partner in multiple Chicago Bulls titles, Scottie Pippen also has many bitter memories of his former teammate

In your memoir “Unguarded“which was released recently, the former wing Scottie Pippen returned to shoot at Michael Jordan, an ace with whom he made a historic partnership and won six titles in the NBA fur Chicago Bulls In the 90’s.

Pippen, who didn’t like Jordan’s speeches about him in the award-winning documentary “The Last Dance“, co-produced by ESPN and released last year, it described its former colleague as selfish and abused strong phrases.

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“I could calmly say that Mike [Michael Jordan] ruined the basketball“, said Pippen, in an excerpt from the book.

“In the 80s, on the street courts, you saw kids playing basketball with passes, moving the ball around the court and playing as a team. That ended in the 90s, because all the kids wanted to ‘be like Mike’“, joked the former athlete, remembering the “be like mike“, famous slogan launched by the sports drinks brand Gatorade for Jordan.

“The truth is that Mike didn’t want to pass the ball, he didn’t want to catch rebounds and he didn’t want to score the opponent’s best player. he wanted everything done for him“complained the former athlete, who for years has shown an attitude of discomfort with the fact that he is considered a “supporter” in the “Super-Bulls” of the 90s, and not a star of similar proportion to “Air Jordan“.

Pippen added to his streak by saying that LeBron James, currently with the Los Angeles Lakers, is the biggest in history, not Michael Jordan.

“That’s why I’ve always believed that LeBron James is the best player basketball has ever seen. He does everything on court and personifies the true essence of this sport“he opined.

The former winger played for the Bulls between 1987 and 1998 and then had a 2nd stint between 2003 and 2004, winning his NBA titles and being selected seven times for the All Star Game.

For the United States team, he was twice an Olympic gold medalist (Barcelona-1992, with the Dream Team, and Atlanta-1996).

He is currently in the NBA Hall of Fame.