in Recife, private hospital notifies 6 cases of mysterious skin lesions

This Friday (19), the Real Hospital Português (RHP), located in the neighborhood of Paissandu, central area of ​​Recife, reports that it has already notified six cases of people with skin lesions without a defined cause. The confirmation comes after the capital of Pernambuco and Camaragibe have announced that they are investigating dozens of cases that presented skin lesions and itching. “The Real Hospital Português confirms that it notified the first suspected case of rash on November 10th. To date, six cases have been reported. All patients were discharged on the same day, with care only in the hospital emergency room,” he says in note, the RHP.

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On Thursday (19), the Health Department of Recife (Sesau) reported that 79 people with this condition, aged between 2 and 96 years, with the same symptoms have been registered. The occurrences are from different neighborhoods of the capital of Pernambuco. Sesau says the condition is being investigated as an outbreak of “skin (skin) lesions to clear up.”

Due to the number of cases in Recife, Sesau issued an epidemiological alert so that public and private health units notify immediately the Center for Strategic Information on Health Surveillance (Cievs) in Recife after treating a suspected case . The most common signs and symptoms are skin lesions and itching (itching).

“The period of onset of symptoms of the notified cases varied between the 1st of October and 11th of November. There is no record of hospitalization or worsening of cases so far,” says, in a note, Sesau.

Also according to the secretariat, cases have been discussed with the clinical team in order to identify this condition. “Epidemiological, entomological and laboratory investigations are ongoing,” he adds.

In a statement, the State Department of Health (SES) says that the Center for Strategic Health Surveillance Information (Cievs) was only notified by the municipality of Recife about an outbreak of cases involving the appearance of skin lesions and itching (itching). “Since the notification of the cases, SES-PE has been following the evolution of the investigations carried out by the Health Department of Recife (Sesau) and providing the necessary technical support.”


The Municipality of Camaragibe, through the Department of Health, is also investigating the notification of 60 cases of skin lesions to be clarified, manifested in residents who sought care at Hospital Aristeu Chaves, the main emergency in the city. The information was disclosed, this Friday (19), by the city hall.

The director of Health Surveillance in Camaragibe, Geraldo Vieira, informed that, in the city, the first cases emerged, 15 days ago, in the Ostracil neighborhood, in a municipal school. “Our environmental surveillance team went to the site and started the investigation. Then, people from nearby locations, such as Aldeia and Tabatinga, began to show signs and symptoms.

“Most are adults. The condition lasts for a short time, from two to three days, especially if after the patient receives assistance and starts using anti-allergic drugs (always with medical advice). In other people, the symptoms are self-limiting (without requiring treatment and it resolves itself spontaneously)”, explains Geraldo Vieira. He adds that some injuries seem to have been triggered by insect bites, but he points out that it is too early to say the cause of the problem. “We are also investigating whether the lesions on the skin can be related to water or plants”, he adds.