Inep servers deliver dossier with accusations of interference in Enem

Inep servers deliver dossier with accusations of interference in Enem

Photo: Disclosure

Inep employees (photo) delivered this Friday (19) to the Federal Court of Accounts and to the Federal Comptroller General’s Office a dossier with allegations of failures and interference which, according to them, affect not only the performance of the And either, but also exams such as Enade and Revalida.

The exams for the National High School Exam are scheduled for this Sunday (21) and for the next (28).

According to Folha, the material compiled by the Association of Inep Servers indicates that there is still censorship in the disclosure of data and management problems that affect key areas for the functioning of the agency, such as technological support.

After the stampede of 37 Inep employees who alleged undue government interference in carrying out the exam, the TCU opened an investigation, and the Federal Public Defender’s Office filed a lawsuit in the Federal Court requesting that the institute proves that it took all measures to ensure that the test occur without fraud.

Educational entities also went to the Judiciary to ask for the removal of the organ’s president, Danilo Dupas.

Earlier today, a report from Estadão revealed that the MEC tried to include in the assembly of this year’s Enem 22 professionals who had not been approved in the selection process for employees.

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