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Instagram is releasing a new thing for some users of the social network this Friday (19), according to reports on Twitter. As of this update, videos published in the app’s Stories, available for Android phones and iPhone (iOS), can have a maximum duration of 60 seconds. Since it was launched, the feature allowed the publication of videos of up to 15 seconds, and the application made cuts in media that exceeded this limit, segmenting the published content.

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While the new feature has not been fully made available to users, some have reported that they have received the following notification: “We are introducing longer Stories. Videos that are 60 seconds long will no longer be split into segments.” The update shows that the social network is adapting to compete with its competitors, such as TikTok, which now lets you publish recordings of up to three minutes in the app.

Instagram will allow Stories with a maximum duration of 60 seconds; check it out — Photo: Melissa Cruz/TechTudo

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wanted by TechAll, Instagram has stated that the feature is “just a test run” and that there are no more details about a possible expansion. “The ability to create longer Stories is something the community has been asking us for for some time now. We’re excited to be testing 60-second Stories so people can create and view this content with less disruption,” the company said.

The feature was first identified by developer Alessandro Palluzi in October of this year. On his Twitter, he stated that Instagram was working on longer stories, and that the 60-second videos would not need to be split in order for them to be published in Stories.

Alessandro Paluzzi reported, on his Twitter account, that Instagram was testing changes in Stories — Photo: Reproduction/Eduardo Bartkevihi

The change made by Instagram divided opinions. On Twitter, many people recalled the increase in the limit from 140 to 280 characters on the microblog. The update, which took place in November 2017, didn’t appeal to everyone at the time. Others, in turn, celebrated the novelty, which promises to put an end to the plethora of “dots” that appear in Stories when the user publishes too much content.

User remembers Twitter update when giving his opinion about Instagram update — Photo: Reproduction/Eduardo Bartkevihi

Instagram update divides users’ opinions on Twitter — Photo: Reproduction/Eduardo Bartkevihi

Recently, a number of functions like collaborative posts and live scheduling have been introduced on the social network. The news reinforces Instagram’s new positioning: in July, Adam Mosseri, head of the social network, said that this is no longer just a photo app. Apparently, the company will continue to invest in new features to offer more possibilities to users and streamline the tools available in the app.

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I got the notification on the Instagram app today while taking the video test. I didn’t get the info from the internet.