Inter prepares International Home Broker to trade stocks in the USA

In the coming weeks, Inter’s clients will be able to invest directly in the United States without a brokerage fee, with an International Home Broker to be launched soon on the Super App.

Among the main differentials of this launch is the free Home Broker, which will not have a brokerage fee and will offer an attractive exchange rate for investors. Currently, Inter’s clients already have a zero rate Home Broker in Brazil, among other benefits.

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Home Broker International is an old request from Banco Inter’s clients

The launch of Home Broker International, which will be phased in until the end of December, meets a request from the clients themselves. “We want to show that investing abroad can be simple. We are doing something innovative in the market, with a 100% free proposal, an attractive exchange rate, delivering value to those who invest through Inter” explains Felipe Bottino, director of Inter Invest, Inter’s investment platform.

Currently, Inter Invest, Inter’s investment platform, has 2 million users, a growth of 83% in 3Q21 alone, and more than R$ 60 billion in assets under custody. In the Super App, investors already have access to a wide variety of assets and can start investing from R$100.

Among other benefits offered to investors is the offer of a series of free content by the Research area, the investment community to invest together with friends, with special rates on fixed income and the offer of up to 100% cashback on the rebate rate of investment funds.

Finally, last week, Inter received the iBest award as the best digital brokerage in Brazil by popular vote, also being in the Top 3 of the selection of the specialized jury. The award is undoubtedly a recognition of the constant pursuit of excellence and delivery of value to customers.

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