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  Jair Bolsonaro and his weekly live
President Jair Bolsonaro and his weekly live (photo: Youtube/reproduction)

“Is there illegal deforestation? There is. But it’s simple: just don’t buy our wood,” said President Jair Bolsonaro, this Friday (11/19), in his live weekly. The Chief Executive also stated that Brazilians disseminate false information about the Amazon abroad. Bolsonaro also contested the data on the most dramatic increase in deforestation in 15 years in the Amazon released by the National Institute for Space Research (Inpe) on Thursday (18th).

The president differed about burned in the Amazon biome and stated that deforestation does not occur in the proportion in which it is disclosed. “The Amazon Forest doesn’t catch fire. I’ve been traveling through the Amazon, and it doesn’t catch fire. [fogo] in the great periphery, and generally the fires are in the same place. If the regulation on casting had been approved, we would know the CPF of those who set fire to the Amazon,” he said.

“Is there illegal deforestation? Yes. But simple: just don’t buy wood from us. Not in all that proportion. Do you know how big the Amazon is? It’s equivalent to Western Europe. How are you going to take care of it all? And another: if you deforested as much as you can. they say, it was already a desert. And not really,” argued the president.

Bolsonaro accused Brazilians of spreading a bad image of the country abroad. “While people struggle with the disgrace to take the name of Brazil, they get a Brazilian out there to criticize Brazil for speaking lies about the Amazon,” criticized the president. “It seems that there are some guys who are happy to go out there and say they are setting fire to the Amazon. An article from 1985 announcing for 25 years later: ‘In 2010 the Amazon will be an immensity of sand.’ 2021 as well,” continued the president.

He made more comments about the news and compared Brazil with the United States. “The subject of now, the same syrup as always; subject often sponsored by Brazilians, that whole complication. I’ve never seen anyone from California leaving California saying that It’s not on fire. Nobody criticizes their country,” Bolsonaro said.

According to data from Inpe, between 2020 and 2021, the area deforested in the Legal Amazon was 13,235 km². an increase of 22% over the previous period.

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