Leonardo and Poliana Rocha’s house roof collapses after heavy rains

In many regions of Brazil, heavy rains and storms are occurring, as is the case in the State of Goiás, where Leonardo and Poliana Rocha live.

Due to the storms that were happening in the area where they live, a fright ended up taking over the couple’s Friday, November 19th.

The plaster ceiling of the house the couple lives in ended up collapsing after a gutter clogged, with water seeping into the ceiling and causing the plaster to sag.

Because God is wonderful, I’m here to exalt his name. My mom called me. The gutter clogged, the sheet entered. It rained a lot today, all day and the plaster ceiling collapsed. My mom was sitting in the kitchen and she didn’t take anything from her, thank God!” she said.

Fortunately, no one was hurt from the incident, and through Instagram stories, Poliana Rocha showed some of the damage caused by the rains.

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Poliana Rocha, married to singer Leonardo for 25 years, answered some questions from fans on social media, and recalled her husband’s betrayals.

A netizen asked if Poliana is saddened by the criticisms of her marriage, and she promptly replied:

“It came out on several websites and I was super grateful for the affection of people, but there are many nasty comments calling me horn, cuckold, that I was with him for money!”, she began.

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“But, actually, they are judgments of mere people who don’t even know my life story, of overcoming it! I even read a few, but I felt sorry for the person who made the comment, not me,” she continued.

Yes, I was betrayed, very open, I allowed myself to forgive, I got over it and built a beautiful family! It’s my credit, how can I feel bad?”

Leonardo’s wife also stated that they have not fought for three years, and explained: “When I allowed myself to forgive him, I swore to myself that I would never speak of these matters again (the betrayals), and so I do!”

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