Lotofácil can pay R$1.5 million today; check how to bet

Lotofácil puts at stake an estimated prize of R$ 1.5 million in the draw to be held yesterday (19) from 8 pm (GMT) at Espaço Loterias Caixa, in São Paulo. The 2376 contest will be broadcast live over the internet, through Caixa’s official YouTube channel.

According to the bank, Lotofácil 2377 bets will be registered by accredited lotteries and official electronic channels up to one hour before the start of the draw (see below for more details on how to participate and compete for the prize).

In the last edition of Lotofácil, held on November 19, Caixa announced the awarding of two bets that hit the 15 tens (01-02-04-06-08-09-14-15-16-17-19-21-22 -23-24) and were entitled to a total prize of R$923,922.98.

There were also winners in the lower ranges. According to the bank, another 306 bets were awarded that matched 14 dozen with individual prizes worth R$1,808.83. The total collection of Lotofácil 2376 was R$ 19,301,867.50.

Lotofácil: how to participate in the next draw?

You must register a bet at Lotofácil up to one hour before the draw at accredited lotteries and on Caixa’s official website. The participant will have 25 numbers available to choose from 15 to 20 chosen tens. The cheapest bet (15 numbers) costs R$2.50, while the most expensive (20 tens) reaches R$38,700. The player can also let the system randomly choose the tens using the “Surprise” function.

What are the chances of winning at Lotofácil?

There is a chance in almost 3.3 million of hitting the 15 tens with the minimum bet (R$ 2.50). If the player adds a number to the game, the price of the bet goes up to R$40, but the odds improve well and go to one in just over 204,000. As Lotofácil also has prizes for those who hit 14, 13, 12 and 11 points, the chance of winning at least the R$ 5 prize is one in 11 with the minimum bet.

And how does the Lotofácil cake work?

As with other lotteries, Lotofácil also has a pool for group betting. Caixa charges a minimum amount of R$10 in this modality, with the odds of each participant always starting at R$3. If the bet has only 15 numbers, the number of odds allowed is between two and eight. In the 20 tens maximum bet scenario, up to 100 odds are allowed. When tickets are from 15 to 18 tens, there will be a limit of ten different bets per pool. With 19 numbers bet, the limit reduces to six. With 20 tens, only one bet is allowed.

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