Lucy Ramos is in the hot seat after Camila Queiroz is vetoed on Globo | Column Fabia Oliveira

It seems that after all the imbroglio involving Camila Queiroz and Globo, the next potato to be baked is Lucy Ramos’s. The reason? The manager of the ex-protagonist of ‘Secret Truths’, Rick Garcia, is also one of those responsible for taking care of the career of the champion of ‘Dança dos Famosos,’ in 2020. The boy has become persona non grata on the Marinho family network and all its agents already know that they will suffer reprisals.

It’s well known that Ricardo Waddigton tends to nip evil in the bud when problems happen and the director didn’t like Camila’s exhibition at all and, consequently, as Rick handled the whole situation, which resulted in the actress’s firing. Therefore, any connection between the entrepreneur and the broadcaster must be avoided. A meeting this Friday afternoon (19) took place at Globo to talk about the latest developments and, in the end, it was clear that the matter ended up being considered closed.

Camila Queiroz and obviously her husband Klebber Toledo now they are banned figures in the Globo group. Read programs, magazines, events such as ‘Baile da Vogue’, among other hype, which give feedback in the media. The intention is to avoid any kind of positive disclosure of the couple in their different arms of communication.

A column source in the streaming market said that the closed doors in several vehicles, also used to publicize the productions of competing broadcasters, will decrease the couple’s fee in the market and, probably, the duo will no longer be called to some works.

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The Globo group is the largest communication group in the country and is divided, in addition to TV and streaming, into radio stations, one of the largest news portals in the country, the most important magazines in various segments, newspapers, among other media.

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