Luxa asks for Cruzeiro reinforced at 22: “it will be the First disguised as Monday” – 11/20/2021

With constant talks to renew with Cruzeiro for the 2022 season, Vanderlei Luxemburgo does not give up a much more competitive team than the current one to fight for access. After the tie against Sampaio Corrêa, the coach made a point of emphasizing the need to seek players with a Serie A profile in the market, since, in the coach’s view, next year’s championship will be very similar to the one disputed by the clubs that will be in the elite of football.

“There has to be the possibility of putting together a First Division team to dispute the Second Division. It is very important to say this to the Cruzeiro fans. Next year will be a year in which the Second Division will be the First Division in disguise. So, we have it. that we want to resolve this transfer ban very quickly so that we can go to the market and get ahead and hire. It will be a very tough Second Division”, he revealed.

Luxembourg’s thinking goes with the fact that Vasco, considered one of the favorites for access this year, will follow in Serie B, as well as Cruzeiro. In addition, Grêmio is within the elite’s relegation zone of the Nacional, together with the traditional Sport and Bahia, which makes the prediction of the 2022 Series B more competitive.

Transfer ban

With Cruzeiro unable to hire and register players due to FIFA’s punishment, the transfer ban payment – today at around R$ 13 million – was the keynote of Luxembourg’s interview after the game against Sampaio. In virtually every response, the celestial trainer reinforced the topic as the most urgent situation to be resolved by the celestial board for the coming year.

“To plan for the coming year, the first and most important thing, the best hiring that can happen is for Cruzeiro to understand that the market is agile. Noodles are eaten hot, if they get cold it’s bad. If the transfer ban arrives in January or the end of December, the best players will already be signed and you’re late and you’re in debt,” he said.