Man beats boyfriend after being caught ‘having sex’ with dog | World

A 58-year-old man was beaten by his boyfriend after he caught his partner “having sex” with his pet dog. The case took place on November 11, in the outskirts of Pensacola, Florida. The information is from Extra.

According to the police report, after catching 33-year-old John Miller, the victim received several punches to the face and torso as soon as he decided to confront him. Miller was arrested, but claimed that his attitude would have occurred after being attacked in his garage with a metal rod, as he had seen his partner looking at Instagram photos of minors in underwear. Miller’s version has been disproved and the victim’s injuries confirm the information that he was the only one attacked.


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John Miller was indicted for serious assault and property damage and will remain in prison until December 9, when the first hearing in the case takes place.