Man catches wife abusing a 15-year-old student in a car and denounces her

Professor Aimee Jones next to her husband Philip Jones Image: Reproduction/Facebook

A 35-year-old teacher was arrested after being caught by her husband having sex with a 15-year-old teenage student in his car in Darlington, England. She was arrested for sexual abuse.

Upon catching his wife in a car with the minor, Aimee Jones, social worker Philip Jones immediately called the police, according to the Daily Mail.

Before the incident, Aimee told her husband that she was in a relationship with an adjunct teacher, and invented a name for her, Sarah Martin. The teacher even asked her classmates at the school where she teaches science and math to pretend there was an employee with that fictitious name if Philip called to investigate the case.

Aimee and her husband have agreed to stay together for the sake of their 4-year-old son, and Aimee will come out to Philip as a bisexual.

But he later found out that the assistant teacher was fake and, in fact, she was having illegal relationships, because she was a teenager, with a student.

The English teacher was sentenced to eight months in prison as of this week, according to the tabloid Daily Mail, shortly after admitting that he had sex with the minor. Aimee was convicted of sexual abuse.

Aimee also confirmed four allegations of sexual activity with a minor in eight dates.

According to information found by the Teesside Crown court, the teacher first became involved with the then 15-year-old teenager last year and had inappropriate contacts with her for 15 months.

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