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Arcrebiano de Araújo, known as Bil, lost patience with Dayane Mello this Friday (19) in A Fazenda 13. During a dynamic, the model fired several curses at the opponent and said that she usually acts with falsehood to get closer to the others participants. “Manipulator and villain,” he declared.

While participating in the recording of the picture Última Chance, shown on the program Hora do Faro, the ex-BBB accused his rival of maintaining superficial relations, just thinking about his own benefit in the game.

“You go by the wind, where you’re going well, you’re going. You said to him: ‘Dynho [Alves], if you want to take the Test [de Fogo], I give the ball to you. On the other hand, take me to the stall so I don’t get voted.’ The plan didn’t work. You wanted to combine with Sol[ange Gomes], manipulate Sol, she didn’t accept being manipulated by you”, shot the capixaba.

Dayane tried to retort, but Bil continued with the yelling: “You’re a complete fake, manipulative as hell in this game and villain. You know damn well what I’m talking about, I don’t even want to say it here.”

The capixaba and the model have been at war for a long time. During one of his fights with Bil, Dayane declared war on his adversary. “From now on, you will be my focus until the end,” promised the girl. “Fine, come on up, we’ve already gone to the fields. Do you think I’m afraid of going to the fields with you?”, joked the former No Limite.

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