Marília Mendonça recorded almost 100 compositions that were not recorded | Song

Marília Mendonça recorded 98 compositions that were not released by her or by other artists. The works are registered at the Central Collection and Distribution Office (Ecad), but have never turned into a commercial recording (phonogram).

This article is part of the special “Mariliateca”. g1 researched, cataloged and analyzed the artist’s entire songbook. Dive into song lists and performances, browse through the feelings of the lyrics, reminisce about hits and discover rarities.

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Learn more about the compositions recorded by Marília Mendonça:

  • Marília Mendonça has 331 registered compositions in Ecad.
  • Of these 331, 152 were recorded by other artists. They are from the time when Marília was just a composer, between 2012 and 2016.
  • Later, Marília launched herself as a singer and recorded 58 songs that she wrote herself.
  • g1 analyzed each work and found 23 duplicate records or with different names for the same composition.
  • The other works are the 98 that have a composition record but not a phonogram.
  • The list of these compositions is in the “Mariliateca”, which also shows all 440 songs written or recorded by her.

Almost all of these compositions without phonograms date back to 2017, when Marília took a break from writing to dedicate herself to her singing career. Before that, she had an impressive volume of production for other artists.

Marília had partners in this frenzied creation. The main one was Juliano Tchula, co-author of almost all the songs in this phase. The two wrote 224 songs together.

Almost all the great country artists recorded at least one of their songs: Henrique and Juliano, Jorge and Mateus, Gusttavo Lima, Zé Neto and Cristiano, Luan Santana, Cristiano Araújo, Matheus and Kauan, Lucas Lucco, Israel and Rodolffo…

The duo Mendonça-Tchula also scored compositions in forró, brega and pop, such as Márcia Fellipe, Wesley Safadão, Joelma, Gabriel Diniz, Aviões do Forró, Solange Almeida and Claudia Leitte.

Intense production, abundant leftovers

With so much productivity, it’s natural that part of it stays in the drawer, explains Renno Poeta, author of hits recorded by Marília such as “Todo Mundo vai Suffer” and “Forget-me if you’re capable”. “It’s normal. Of course, we, as an author, wanted everything we produced to be recorded. But it doesn’t always happen.”

“Sometimes she ends up showing it to other artists, it goes on, it goes on, and ends up being forgotten. We compose, leave the music in the drawer, forget about it, until a reporter from g1 comes along and finds out again”, he jokes.

Juliano Tchula, Marília Mendonça’s greatest composition partner. They wrote 224 songs together — Photo: Playback/TV Anhanguera

The company still catalogs – and there may be more unpublished ones…

All of Marília Mendonça’s compositions are registered by Workshow, a company from Goiânia that took care of the artist’s entire career, including the editing of songs. The company informed g1 that it is cataloging the material left by it and that there is a large volume, without informing the quantity.

To “Fantastic”, Workshow’s lawyer said he had taken from the scene of the accident a notebook with Marília’s notes, in which there may be compositions. The notebook was delivered to the artist’s mother and its content has not yet been released by her.

The g1 checked the Ecad data with the Abramus works bank, an association of composers to which Marília Mendonça was affiliated. This bank informs the date of registration of the songs – but it is not possible to know if she composed long before making the formal registration.

On Abramus’ website there are nine songs recorded by her in 2021 that were not recorded: “Calúnia Defamação E Injuria”, “De Um Jeito Antigo”, “Deixa Que A Luz Eu Apago”, “Esquecido E Burrado”, “Esse Cara Não Prestação”, “It’s Coming A Time”, “Back Door”, “That You Won’t Have” and “Imagine”

Workshow does not say if this material can be released in any way or if there was any kind of recording in the voice of Marília or other musicians. Fans will have to wait…

Marília Mendonça and Maiara and Marais in photo for the project As Patroas — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram