Northeast Cup defines the 16 participants, with Paraíba as a powerhouse; see the pots

The 16 clubs participating in the group stage of the 2022 Northeast Cup are defined. After the last clashes of the preliminary phase, in which Vitória was eliminated by Botafogo-PB and CRB beat Moto Club, on Thursday night, the competition will have a different map in the next edition.

The current powers are the states of Ceará and Paraíba, with three representatives each. The growth of football in Paraíba draws attention, ahead of forces such as Bahia and Pernambuco, which will have two teams each.

This happens thanks to the success not only of Botafogo-PB, but also of Sousa (eliminated ABC) in the preliminary round, disputed by 20 clubs that filled the last four spots. The third from Paraíba is Campinense, current state champion. In the state of Ceará, the duo Ceará and Fortaleza will have the company of the newcomer Floresta, who advanced in the selective phase.

Bahian football will be represented by Bahia, the current champion in the Northeast and classified by the ranking, and by Atlético de Alagoinhas, which won the state championship. In addition to Vitória, Bahia de Feira, Jacuipense and Juazeirense also failed in the pre-Copa do Nordeste.

The 16 teams will be divided into two groups of eight after the draw. The clubs in group A will face those in group B, totaling eight rounds in the group stage, from which the top four of each group come out for the quarter-finals, in the knockout format.

There is also a split into four pots that is used to determine each member’s share. This classification follows the CBF ranking, so that the teams in pot 1 receive the highest prize, which follows in descending order until pot 4. The amount allocated to the clubs in each pot has not yet been disclosed. See below who are the 16 participants in the next Northeast Cup and how the pots will be.

The 16 clubs of Nordestão 2022:

Bahia: Atlético de Alagoinhas and Bahia
Sergipe: Sergipe
Alagoas: CSA and CRB
Pernambuco: Nautical and Sport
Paraíba: Campinense, Botafogo-PB and Sousa
Large northern river: Globe
Ceará: Fortaleza, Ceará and Forest
Piauí: highs
Maranhão: Sampaio Correa

The pots:

Pot 1: Bahia, Ceará, Fortaleza and Sport
Pot 2: CRB, CSA, Náutico and Sampaio Corrêa
Pot 3: Altos, Botafogo-PB, Campinense and Globo
Pot 4: Atlético de Alagoinhas, Floresta, Sergipe and Sousa

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