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Sperm (Photo: Reproduction: giphy)

Sperm (Photo: Reproduction: giphy)

Blue november It’s Men’s Health Awareness Month. And embarking on this cause, how about we talk about male infertility and seminal freezing? “The male being grows up hearing that the responsibility to provide is his”, says Melissa Cavagnoli, a specialist in fertility. “This thought is part of our society, and for those who have infertility, it is essential, first, to have the support of your partner or partner”.

In addition to support, the man with this difficulty can undergo treatments to alleviate the problem: “The use of medication to cure infections in the reproductive system, for example, helps to improve the flow of the ejaculation. You can also try a hormonal treatment for that the production increases, among others”, says the professional.

Another important issue that we can highlight at this time is that of seminal freezing. “There are several reasons that can induce men to freeze their semen, such as surgeries in the reproductive system that compromise sperm production, treatments for some type of cancer, stress, athletes who practice high performance sports, etc.” , says Dr. Amanda Volpato, also a specialist in fertility.

Check out our full conversation on male infertility and seminal freezing with the experts below:

GQ Brasil: Taking advantage of November Azul: when it comes to infertility, what are the necessary precautions?

Melissa Cavagnoli: Male infertility can be genetic or developed over time. In the first case, there are no specific precautions that could be adopted. In the second, some simple choices can be made to avoid it, such as the search for a healthy life including physical exercise three to five times a week, a night’s sleep of six to eight hours a day, avoiding excessive caffeine consumption. and stay away from stress.

Another important point that must be taken into account is cutting the use of illicit and legal drugs such as alcohol, cigarettes and, mainly, anabolic steroids. These are reasons that collaborate, and a lot, for the situation of male infertility to worsen. Staying away from risk factors is essential when it comes to raising a family. In addition, regular follow-up with a specialist physician should be part of every man’s routine to ensure an early diagnosis if infertility is considered.

GQ Brasil: Male infertility is still taboo for many people. What is the best way to deal with her?

Melissa Cavagnoli: Man grows up hearing that the responsibility to provide is his. This thought is part of our society and for those who have infertility as a reality, it is essential to have the support and empathy of your partner or partner. This is the time to create bonds with people who can help you see the situation with eyes of hope and not of loss.

As much as feelings of frustration and helplessness are common among couples facing this challenge, the will to continue trying to start a family in other ways must remain. It’s a challenging deconstruction, so taking care of emotional balance is extremely important.

GQ Brazil: Are there treatments that can help?

Melissa Cavagnoli: In these cases where the difficulty of getting pregnant does not come from the woman, there are several treatments aimed at each situation. The use of medications to cure infections in the reproductive system, for example, helps to improve the flow of ejaculation. Treatment is through the use of antibiotics. In cases where sperm production is not adequate, hormonal treatment can also be tried to increase production. This therapy lasts an average of 3 months under the supervision of a doctor.

In those where there is dilatation of the scrotum veins, varicocele surgery may be indicated. Finally, there are assisted reproduction techniques for more complex situations or those in which there is also a factor related to the female part of the couple. Artificial insemination is a low-complexity procedure where sperm, after adequate preparation in the laboratory, is applied directly to the uterus; In vitro fertilization (IVF), where fertilization is carried out in the laboratory and recommended for when the man presents an important change in the semen, such as a decrease in quantity, motility and/or morphology; and the variation of IVF, ICSI, where sperm are injected directly into the egg’s cytoplasm, for cases of severe sperm count abnormalities or very low sperm counts. Treatments for male infertility are highly dependent on the causes.

GQ Brasil: And the seminal freezing, what are the motivations that lead men to undergo the procedure?

Dr. Amanda Volpato: Andthere are several reasons that can induce a man to freeze his semen, such as, for example, surgeries in the reproductive tract that compromise sperm production, treatments for any type of cancer involving radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy routines, excessive stress, athletes who practice high performance sports, among others.

GQ Brazil: How is the process done? What preparations and exams are needed?

Dr. Amanda Volpato: The first step is to perform serological tests and tests for Zika Virus or any infectious diseases. Then, the patient must remain abstinent from sexual intercourse for two to seven days, so that the collection of material has greater potential. Semen is frozen in liquid nitrogen at -196°C.

It is noteworthy that what is recommended is that more than one sample be frozen, preferably different ejaculations with intervals that will be stipulated by the responsible physician.

GQ Brazil: Do frozen semens have an expiration date for use?

Dr. Amanda Volpato: Cryopreserved semen samples do not have a specific expiration date. They can be stored indefinitely.

GQ Brasil: As it is a process that demands a lot of emotional energy, what can we do to help control anxiety, stress and vitality?

Jackie Yue: The ideal is to keep the body, mind and spirit in balance, both through a healthy diet, oxygenating the brain with constant hydration and physical exercise, as well as having the necessary support from friends and family and also with the help of alchemical florals. In some cases, assistance with psychologists is also considered.

GQ Brazil: Body and Emotional Balance – How can these pillars improve the organism itself?

Jackie Yue: The balance between body and mind is the main pursuit of human beings. This balance achieves physical, mental and social well-being. When a person is far from an integral concept of balance, he ends up moving away from his life path and his mission, so he becomes unbalanced and can get sick, and this imbalance manifests in the form of physical, emotional and mental symptoms.

When having a baby, also a great representation of life, it is very important to seek this balance, so that everything on this journey happens in the best possible way.

Jackie Yue, floral alchemist and CEO AlkhemyLab by Joel Aleixo, Dr. Amanda Volpato and Dr. Melissa Cavagnoread, medical gynecologists specializing in fertility, assisted reproduction and in vitro fertilization with humanized and personalized care. They run the Hope fertilization clinic.