Old Can: participant accuses Huck’s team of exchanging his car for an illegal vehicle; watch videos

Elevated to the Domingão da Globe in place of Fausto Silva, Luciano Huck he still has issues to resolve in the painting Lata Velha, from his old Caldeirão. Environmentalist João Marcelo Vieira accuses the program of having changed his Opal SS 1979 for another car, a caravan, with tampered chassis.

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João Marcelo participated in the program in 2005 (see the sequence of 4 videos below), through the couple Rodrigo Hilbert and Fernanda Lima, who knows him.

According to the environmentalist, the Opal was an uncle’s gift to his father. After his father’s death, his uncle would have made him promise never to sell the car.

“When I recorded the program, the board was covered with a Lata Velha sticker. They didn’t give me the car right away because, according to them, the documentation was missing. The strange thing is that, on the Tuesday after the painting went live, they called saying that a viewer had made a proposal of R$ 120 thousand for the renovated car. Of course I didn’t accept it”, he told the Uol portal.

He reports that the vehicle was only delivered two months later. But, it was another car, with different license plates. In the documentation there was still his signature, which would have been forged by the producers of the Caldeirão.

“Later, I found out that the car that was delivered was purchased at an auction for R$4,200. They used a false signature on the contract,” he said.

After interference by Fernanda Lima, João Marcelo says he managed to arrange a meeting with Globo. According to him, there were 14 people at the meeting, including a program director, who would have asked what he wanted to solve the situation. “I made it clear: I wanted my car back.”

After a promise to return the car with the same modifications made by the program, the station would have delivered another car.

“As proved by two inspections, one private and the other carried out by the Police Theft and Theft of Automobiles (DRFA), the car delivered was tampered with. They put the Opal’s chassis in the Caravan, a fraud. I would be arrested if caught with him in a blitz”.

João Marcelo tells that he was depressed by the case. In 2016, acting judge Priscila Fernandes Miranda Botelho da Ponte won Globo and the environmentalist was ordered to pay the costs of the process, estimated at R$ 100,000 – 10% of the amount of the indemnity requested, of R$ 1 million.

After abandoning the car offered by the broadcaster, the environmentalist says he has new lawyers and should file another lawsuit against Globo.

Watch videos of Lata Velho with João Alberto