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Another chapter of the epic. Grêmio takes the field this Saturday, at 7pm, at Arena Condá, to face Chapecoense with the weight of needing to take one more step, those definitive, in the “war operation” to try to remain in Serie A in 2022.

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The Grêmio mobilization comes in an attempt to hitch two straight victories and return to winning as a visitor after two months. They need the result against the rival already relegated to reach the late duel with Flamengo, on Tuesday, still with the dream of approaching the teams outside the Z-4.

The counts are no longer so friendly for four wins in the last six games. Grêmio believes that it remains in this scenario. But there is a probability of more than 40% drop for the Tricolor in case they finish the competition with 44 points.

Grêmio faces Chapecoense in the fight against relegation

Grêmio faces Chapecoense in the fight against relegation

After the strong speech in the dressing room last Tuesday, President Romildo Bolzan Júnior is with the delegation in Chapecó. Denis Abrahão football vice president and director Sérgio Vasques, in addition to the chairman of the Deliberative Council Carlos Biedermann, also traveled to Santa Catarina.

– What we have to do is a war operation to be able to carry out the necessary mobilizations. The commission is very involved, the football board. We give support, we are always together, we never cease to be, supporting the support structure, of what has to work – commented Bolzan after the victory over Bragantino.

Behind the scenes, Grêmio tried to release the presence of fans for the game. But the initiatives at the STJD had no effect. Abrahão even summoned the Grêmio fans to be in Chapecó, but the team from Santa Catarina suspended the sale of tickets to non-members of the club.

Vagner Mancini at Grêmio’s arrival in Chapecó — Photo: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio

Diego Souza and Gabriel Chapecó spoke, in recent days, about the importance of hitting back-to-back victories. Tricolor has this difficulty in competition and needs good results to dream of staying.

– It was kill or kill (against Bragantino). And from now on it is like that. It will be difficult, but there will be no lack of race, shame, determination. That I guarantee. If you work a lot. From the president to the doorman who welcomes us with a smile even after a defeat – said football vice-president Denis Abrahão.

Coach Vagner Mancini repeated the strategy of the previous round. He did not define, in training, the team to be selected at Arena Condá. It also comes from the idea of ​​making the team less predictable, which guided the choices made by Campaz and Jhonata Robert as starters on Tuesday.

Carlos Eduardo Lino analyzes Chapecoense x Grêmio, for the 34th round of the Brasileirão

Carlos Eduardo Lino analyzes Chapecoense x Grêmio, for the 34th round of the Brasileirão

Grêmio is in 19th place, with 32 points, but passes Sport if it wins or even draws, for having more victories, although this scenario complicates the situation. The duel against the Chapecoense lantern starts at 7pm this Saturday, at Arena Condá.