PF goes to the Supreme Court for opening an inquiry into the use of rapporteur’s amendments

A request from the Federal Police requesting authorization to open an investigation to investigate the use of calls draftsman amendments by deputies and senators would already be at the Supreme Court. Sources asserted to CNN Brazil that the PF intends to focus, initially, on transfers involving the Ministries of Regional Development and Infrastructure. The investigations should use as a starting point a report by the Federal Comptroller General that pointed out the possibility of an overpricing of R$ 142 million in agreements and bids in the folders.

According to the sources heard by the report, the request to open the investigation has been with the STF for a few days. The decision, according to interlocutors, will be made by Minister Rosa Weber. The PF is still awaiting a response from the Court.

THE CNN he sought out the Federal Police and the STF about opening the investigation. The PF informed that it will not comment on the matter. The STF said that as it is a confidential process, it will not comment.


Last week, the Federal Supreme Court decided to maintain an injunction by Minister Rosa Weber, rapporteur of actions that question the rapporteur’s amendments. By 8 votes to 2, the ministers of the Supreme maintained the decision of the minister, which determined the suspension of execution of resources with the RP9 identifier (the official identifier of the rapporteur’s amendments), in addition to the adoption of transparency measures by the federal government for the amendments.

The merits of the actions, however, have not yet been analyzed by the STF ministers. The rapporteur of the actions, Minister Rosa Weber, has not yet released the matter to the agenda.

The minister is expected to meet in the coming days with the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG). This week, Pacheco was received by the president of the STF, minister Luiz Fux, to discuss the issues. Upon leaving the meeting, the president of the Senate said that he still intends to meet with other ministers to discuss the matter, especially the rapporteur of the actions.