Public searches the web to see if Angel dies

the abrupt departure of Camila Queiroz of the cast of “Verdades Secretas 2”, shown by Globoplay, raised doubts in the public regarding the future of the protagonist of the plot, Angel.

According to Google data, searches for “Angel dies in Secret Truth 2” are on the rise. In addition, internet users were also interested in the term “Irina Verdades Secretas 2”, this search grew 2600%. In the plot, Irina is played by Julia Stockler. In fact, the name of the actress rose in the polls by 400%.

Recently, Camila Queiroz used social media to speak out about the departure of Walcyr Carrasco’s plot and even cried.

“Hi guys, I know you’ve been waiting a lot for this, for me to come here to talk, for me to come here to show my face, but I’ve never experienced anything like this. I had never experienced such exposure as this one. Every time they tried to put my name in controversy, in gossip, I always tried to run away, I tried to stay in my most reserved, not having to prove anything to anyone, but this time they threw me here and I have nothing to do”, she began.

Then, Camila thanked all the affection she’s been getting. “I always tried to have a real relationship with you here on my social networks. The first thing I wanted to do is thank the messages from my friends, the messages from the fan clubs, the soap opera fans and mine, because without a shadow of a doubt, this support and affection from you is now essential”, she said, crying.

The artist also stated that she does not feel ready to give more details of what happened. “I don’t feel ready today to talk about everything that happened, how it happened. It was all very painful, very difficult. I just wanted to ask you not to believe these stories that are going around saying that I tried to change the end of the soap opera, it doesn’t exist. Soon I hope I can feel stronger so I came here to talk to you. Meanwhile, we are creating strength to recover from the shock”, he concluded.

Another point that left the entire public scared was the fact that the author of the plot, Walcyr Carrasco, stopped following Camila on social media. The actress, who gained prominence in “Secret Truths I”, was considered Walcyr’s darling.


Before the dismissal of Camila Queiroz in ‘Secret Truths 2‘, Camila Queiroz and Globo were no longer speaking the same language. So much so that something taken for granted is that the actress would not do new work at Globo, since she signed with Netflix.

The fact of signing with the streaming platform, while his contract with Globo was in effect, was the last straw for the station, according to journalist Carla Bittencourt, from Metrópoles. It’s okay that the contract with Globo is “for work”, but it didn’t please the directors at all.

The behavior, considered unethical by Globo’s top management, went even further, since, due to the delays in recordings in Verdades Secretas 2 during the pandemic, Camila Queiroz would have taken the opportunity to film De Volta ao 15 and Wedding to the Blind, both on Netflix.

The actress would even have been absent from some recordings of the Globoplay plot, as she had to travel to Paris to finish recording some scenes in the film.

Check out Globoplay’s release in full!

Actress Camila Queiroz is no longer part of the cast of Verdades Secretas 2, a soap opera on Globoplay. Impacted by the strict protocols adopted during the pandemic, the recording period of the work, scheduled to end on the 10th, had to be extended by seven days. To sign the extension of the contract necessary to record the final scenes of the telenovela, Camila Queiroz wanted to determine the outcome of the character Angel and demanded a formal commitment that she would be part of an eventual third season of the work, in addition to other unacceptable contractual demands.

Globo, then, decided to complete Secret Truths 2 without the actress’ participation. The novel will continue to be recorded and the scenes will be adapted so that the essence of the plot is kept.”

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