Reason for separation? Ivete Sangalo reportedly caught Daniel Cady’s conversations with women | celebrities

Ivete Sangalo and Daniel Cadyreproduction

Published 11/19/2021 16:09 | Updated 11/19/2021 4:14 PM

Rio – After Daniel Cady deleted photos with Ivete Sangalo from social networks and fans suspected the end of their marriage, the possible reasons for the end of the marriage began to pop up. Instagram profile ‘Rooster Intruso’ said the singer caught some conversations from the nutritionist with other women and that she already knew about the betrayals. However, he turned a blind eye to his children.

“A few weeks ago I had already given the lyrics in the question box, that a famous singer had caught her husband’s conversations with another woman (a famous model). And now the supposed separation between the two came to light. Well, Ivete is always there. she had to put up with many adventures that her husband used to do. Even when she played shows. Adventures that he loved in Noronha, Trancoso, Jeri, São Miguel do Gostoso and so on. However, on account of the children, she tried to walk so that the marriage would not end. But it seems that she woke up”, says the publication.

Through the publication’s comments, fans even remembered an ear tug that Ivete gave Daniel Cady at a 2016 concert. From the stage, the singer was keeping an eye on her husband. “Who is this there, Daddy? Full of subject, huh? I’ll rub my face… Who’s this one? Talking to c******!” she complained.

The two have been together since 2008 and are the daddies of Marcelo, 12 years old, and the twins Marina and Helena, 3 years old.