Rico Melquiades and Dayane Mello have tense conversation at a party

During Polar party, Rico Melquiades tried to discuss his relationship with Dayane Mello and the result was not entirely positive

the polar party of The Farm 13 this Friday, the 19th, it had a DR of Rich Melquiades (30) and Dayane Mello (32).

During the event on the rural reality show, the farmer of the week commented with Solange Gomes (47) and Bil Araújo (29) who feels sorry for the model to be alone in the house.

“We don’t need to exclude to punish. Life will do it. We won’t leave her alone”, he told his current gamemates.

Dayane Mello and Rico Melquiades have DR during party in The Farm 13

During the polar party, Rico and Day had a conversation about their relationship in the game, which went from friendship to enmity with a jacket cut.

“I don’t agree with anything you do, but I don’t ever want to feel like I’m colluding for you to feel alone here”, said the farmer. “But I felt lonely for three months here”, shot Day.

The former participant of the Big Brother Italy still commented feeling the same thing being friends with Aline Mineiro (30). “I never really felt safe. I didn’t see the truth, I swear on my daughter”, commented.

Rico Melquiades was upset with the girl’s declaration. “Day, you have no idea. It’s your heart, but when we were very close, I felt”, said.

Dayane Mello then confirmed his distrust: “You talk about you and I talk about me, even with our friendship in this group, I never felt safe”.

Dayane Mello rips Rico Melquiades’ jacket and he discovers

In recent days, one of the most talked about subjects on the internet has been Rico Melquiades’ torn jacket. After Dayane Mello passed the knife on the piece, internet users were thrilled that the pawn would discover the model’s feat.

Finding his torn jacket, the farmer of the week was surprised by not giving one of his shacks in The Farm 13, leading a civilized conversation with the right to apologize from Day.

Also this Friday, 19, Rico Melquiades cried with plates given by Valentina Francavilla (41) during his participation in the Faro time.

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