Rico reveals that he will sew a jacket cut by Dayane

Rico Melquiades is acting as calm as possible as he blushes his ugly jacket by Dayane Mello with a knife in “A Fazenda 13”, and already has plans for the garment.

Talking to Aline Mineiro, the ex-panicat hinted that the coat was no longer salvageable, and that, because she said, it should be discarded.

“How is my mother doing”, said the ex-On Vacation with the Ex, when Aline interrupted him: “Friend, that coat of yours is garbage, right?”.

“I’m going to sew,” Rico replied, quite bluntly. “Okay, I’m just going to move your trunk away because it’s disgusting back here,” Mineiro revealed.

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For those who expected that Rico would unleash the dogs on Dayane Mello when he found out that she had cut his jacket with a knife, the attitude of the pawn, who is acting in the opposite way, may find it strange,

Talking to Bil Araújo, the farmer of the week stated that, despite everything that happened between him and the model, he will not exclude her or stop talking to her in “A Fazenda 13”.

I don’t think it’s cool, as bad as the person is. When she talks to me, I talk. But I’m not going to stay like I was, chatting together”.

“Today she called me: ‘Are you going to the gym?’ I said: ‘No, I don’t like the gym very much’. Did you understand? I’m not one to turn around, I’m not like that”, said the ex-On Vacation with Ex.

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“Outside I’m going to make my life, I won’t even remember it. But in here I don’t go with the person, it’s a good thing we have our emotions very shaken”, he said.

“We miss our family, she hasn’t seen her daughter for a long time… So it’s very bad for a person to feel lonely here. I won’t be chatting, I don’t feel at ease”, explained Rico Melquiades.

But I will never, for example, see everyone at the table eating and the girl alone there. I don’t like to exclude”.

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