Rico says MC Gui is ‘locked’ after Val leaves

Rico Melquiades and MC Gui, pawns of “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV), starred in yet another discussion in rural reality during the recording of “Hora do Faro” today. The comedian yielded criticisms to the funk player, soon after the singer argued with Marina Ferrari.

He’s very hypocritical because he talked about me, Marina, Aline, if he used to put his dick in Day and be with her. He saw that Valentina left yesterday, the business has locked up and is moving away from the girl. MC Gui is the most hypocritical person in this house, he thinks he knows everything, but he doesn’t know anything, annoying. Rich Melquiades

“Loose! […] Am I walking away from you, Day? I just slept all day. You are the most boring guy on the face of the earth, you are the one who knows everything, the finalist”, countered the funkeiro.

“Guys, when I hit my chest that I was going to be a finalist here?”, Rico asked the pedestrians. “You’ve said it many times,” said MC Gui.

“Every time I say: ‘Faro, I’m not going to be a finalist because I have a very strong temper.’ Stop being a sucker, for God’s sake,” declared the comedian. “Sucker it’s you, crazy, respect me,” fired the singer.

“And he doesn’t give me the pepper because I’m a farmer. He’s fearful, hypocritical, insufferable. For God’s sake, I never said I was going to be a finalist here,” continued Rico. “Oh, I’m dying of you. One week he said he was going to put me in the fields and he didn’t put me in”, countered the MC.

The two continued to argue, with MC Gui demanding respect for being called a “sucker” and Rico then apologized for the swearing, but continued to criticize him after being questioned by Rodrigo Faro about the reasons why the funkeiro changed:

Day came back from the last field, then he started to judge her because, coming back from a field here, people already think she’s the strong one, that she’s going to the final. […] I know very well the thinking of fake people, which is the thinking of this boy here. Then Valentina went to the farm, he swore he was in a very strong group, he, Dynho, MC Gui and Valentina. […] He saw that Valentina left, he’s locked up here. Rich Melquiades

“Wow, I’m scared to death, the world has ended out there if I leave here. If there’s one thing I’m not afraid of is going to a farm and getting out of this program. My family will be fine there waiting for me, I I have family out there, I’m not afraid to go out,” snapped MC Gui.

“If he hadn’t, when he had to go to the fields with me, he would,” countered Rico.

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Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


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