Rico tries to console Dayane at a party and takes a cross response

This Friday (19), there was a DR, based on a lot of alcohol, between Rico Melquiades and Dayane Mello during the Polar party, in A Fazenda 2021. Solange Gomes even said that she was sorry to see Dayane alone. Rico and Bil Araújo said they felt the same way. “We don’t need to exclude to punish. Life will do it. We won’t leave her alone”, said the current farmer.

Before long, Dayane and Rico talked about the direction of the game and their relationship. “I don’t agree with anything you do, but I don’t ever want to feel like I’m compromising for you to feel alone here”, said the man from Alagoas. “But I felt lonely for three months here,” Dayane snapped.

She said the feeling was the same being friends with him and Aline Mineiro. “I never really felt safe. I didn’t see the truth, I swear on my daughter”, told the model. Rico was upset with his colleague’s statement. “Day, you have no idea. It’s your heart, but when we were close, I felt it”, he vented.

Dayane didn’t give much confidence. “You talk about yourself and I talk about myself, even with our friendship in this group, I never felt safe,” she insisted.

Gui Araújo mocks Rico during a party at A Fazenda 2021

Gui Araújo thinks it’s funny to make fun of people, especially Rico Melquiades, in A Fazenda 2021. This Friday (19), the businessman decided to shoot pejorative comments about his colleague in confinement. “Ney Matogrosso is another one for the bag,” said Araújo, referring to Rico. Sthe Matos, who was in the roda with Gui Araújo and Dynho Alves, kept repeating what Anitta’s ex was saying.

“Ney Matogrosso is a pain in the ass”, she would say afterwards, looking like a scratched record. “If there’s one person who loves the bag, it’s Ney Matogrosso”, followed the unrelated conversation between them. The attacks are not over. “Sucks a bitch over there, really,” said Bill.

Remember that the on the small screen has been doing a great deal of coverage of A Fazenda 2021. Keep an eye out and follow all the fights, the test results and what else happens in there first hand.


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