Rio zeros admissions for Covid in the municipal health network, says city hall | Rio de Janeiro

The City Hall of Rio de Janeiro informed that the Rio de Janeiro capital reached zero admissions for Covid this Saturday (20) in the hospitals of the municipal administration. The announcement was made by Twitter of the Health Department.

“Science is winning in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Right now, the number of admissions for covid-19 in the SUS municipal hospitals in the city of Rio is zero. Yes, that’s exactly what you read: there is no one hospitalized for covid in city hall hospitals in our city,” reported the Municipal Health Department on Twitter.

This Saturday (20), the Covid’s D-Day Vaccination for those who have not yet taken the second dose of the immunizing agent. Here’s where to get vaccinated.

Rio reaches zero beds occupied by patients with Covid — Photo: Reproduction

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Rio City Hall holds vaccination D-Day against Covid this Saturday (20) — Photo: Reproduction

According to Health Secretary Daniel Soranz, 600,000 people have yet to take the second dose. Among them, 380 thousand are teenagers who could already have the complete vaccination schedule and have not yet returned to their posts.

“This Saturday, we are going to have a big campaign. All the health units will carry out actions to encourage the presence of teenagers. We have a big action planned in Cidade das Artes, in Barra da Tijuca. We hope that the teenagers will fill the posted this weekend to take the second dose and stay protected from Covid-19,” Soranz said.