São Paulo wants three from Fortaleza, ex-Palmeiras at Barça and teams most favored by VAR: latest in football today (19) | fans

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With the end of the season in Brazil approaching, the teams are already starting to move in the ball market and São Paulo already has three targets, all from Fortaleza and indicated by coach Rogério Ceni. Palmeiras, on the other hand, could be awarded a jackpot if Barcelona really hits the hiring of center forward Arthur Cabral, who served at the São Paulo club in 2018. Another highlight in the news this Friday was the resignation of coach Óscar Tabárez from the Uruguayan team after 15 years in the position.

Barcelona is interested in Arthur Cabral and Palmeiras can profit from the sale; see values

Initially, the operation would be a loan with a purchase obligation of 8 million euros (R$ 50 million). If the deal gains strength, Palmeiras will benefit, as Verdão claims to have a 30% capital gain from a future negotiation involving the player.

Óscar Tabárez is fired from the Uruguay national team after 15 years in the position

At 74, Tabárez could not resist the difficulties the Uruguayans have been experiencing in the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup. The defeat in Bolivia, 3-0, turned out to be the coach’s last game against Celeste.

Mercado da Bola: Rogério Ceni indicates and São Paulo may seek three Fortaleza players

Coach Rogério Ceni wants São Paulo to look to Fortaleza, the club in which he was successful as a coach, three reinforcements for the tricolor squad in 2022. According to journalist Jorge Nicola, the athletes in question would be defender Marcelo Benevenuto, defensive midfielder Éderson and the striker David.

São Paulo councilor would have participated in attack on team bus

In the inquiry, it is pointed out that a São Paulo councilor would have helped to plan the stoning of the vehicle, which was on its way to Morumbi for the game in front of the Coxa. As the case is still confidential, the identity of such counselor has not been revealed and will not be revealed until the conclusion of the investigation and the filing of possible accused persons of involvement in the attack.

Brasileirão: Three teams have already guaranteed a place in Libertadores 2022; check how the dispute is going

According to data from the department of mathematics and statistics at UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais), Atlético-MG, Flamengo and Palmeiras are already 100% classified for the next edition of the continental competition.

VAR in Brasileirão: See the most “favored” and “disadvantaged” until the 33rd round

Chapecoense, América-MG and Bahia are the teams that had the most favorable decisions using the refereeing tool. Fortaleza and Ceará were the teams that had the most contrary decisions.

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