Son of Marília Mendonça and Murilo Huff impresses in photo: ‘like the mother’

Registration of Marília Mendonça as a baby appears on the internet and fans compare her son with Murilo Huff

An image of the Marília Mendonça and another one of your baby with Murilo Huff left the fans impressed. The Queen of Sofrência and the singer-songwriter were lovers. The two took over the relationship in 2017. Over the years, the relationship was marked by some break-ups and reconciliations. As early as December 2019 they became the parents of a boy. Little Léo is one year and eleven months old and is the only child of the former couple.

After the mother’s early departure, the boy will be under the care of his father and maternal grandmother. This is because Murilo Huff and Mrs. Ruth Moreira, mother of Marília Mendonça, chose to have shared custody of the little boy. The two live in the city of Goiânia, in Goiás, and their proximity will certainly facilitate raising the baby. Thus, Léo will spend most of the time in the house where he has always lived with his famous mother, uncle João Gustavo (Marília’s younger brother), grandma Ruth and her husband.

This week, fans of the artist retrieved a photo in which she appears as a child. At the click, baby Marília is wearing a leopard bandana on her head and wearing sunglasses. The singer’s resemblance to her son is such that some internet users made a montage with a photo of little Léo. By putting the two images side by side, the art soon went viral and received several comments.

“It looks a lot like her,” observed one female follower. Another assured: “it’s the same face”. And one said: “he is the perfect clone of his mother”. Still another defined: “it’s Marília the male version”. While a fan melted: “It looks a lot like her as a child. Guys, how cute.” Another said: “it’s the same little face, beautiful”. Another observed: “the little eyes, the nose and even the eyebrows are the same. May God bless your little steps Leo, your prince”.

While most were impressed by how much the baby looks like the famous mommy, some people disagreed. “I didn’t find anything similar!”, opined a female follower. Another pondered: “I don’t see any similarity in these photos. Leo has the mix of Murillo Huff and Marília Mendonça”.

The similarity between Marília Mendonça and her baby with Murilo Huff surprises

Play Instagram This montage by Marília Mendonça, still a baby, with her son, surprised the singer’s fans.

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