Sonia Abram finds Ivete Sangalo’s behavior strange after rumors of separation: “Surprise”

Transparent with her fans, Ivete Sangalo remains silent after rumors that her marriage is over

the presenter Sonia Abram reacted with surprise to rumors that the marriage between Ivete Sangalo and her then husband, Daniel Cady.

At the the afternoon is yours this Saturday (20), she recalled that there was no rumor about a possible crisis in the relationship between the two.

“It’s news that takes everyone by surprise. There were no rumors of crisis in the marriage, of probable separation… Nobody saw either of them with anyone else or any rumors to that effect, absolutely nothing”, stated.

She remembered that everything is just a rumor. “When the couple appears, the news comes that it would really be the end of the marriage. We are not even talking about a crisis in a marriage, we are talking about the end of a marriage. But, I think it’s important to make a reservation: Ivete didn’t manifest itself”.

Sonia Abram remembered that even Ivete Sangalo never hid anything from fans. “She is very transparent with the public and has never hidden anything from her personal life. It’s her choice to have this transparency with her fans. But he, who was always much more discreet, didn’t say anything about it either”.

She was also surprised that the singer did not go public denying the information. “There’s no confirmation, no denial, no explanation whatsoever, and that’s what makes fans much more worried about this story. What we really have is an expectation and mainly a cheering for that it really was just a passing misunderstanding, if it happened, or a crisis that can be overcome and that they stay together, but then it’s the couple who know”.

Sonia Abram also said that separation is not always a bad thing. “Sometimes, really, separation is the best path for the two of them, for the children, for the family… So, may they be happy whatever the path chosen in this union or for the end of this union. That’s what we’re left with until they actually resolve it.”


A new chapter involving the alleged crisis in the singer’s marriage Ivete Sangalo and the nutritionist DanielCady came to light this Friday afternoon (19).

That’s because columnist Leo Dias, from metropolises, shared a photo in which the artist’s companion appears enjoying the wedding party of an unaccompanied friend and without a ring – the event would have happened last Monday (15).

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