Sonia Abrão comments on rumors of Ivete Sangalo’s separation

During the program “A Tarde é Sua”, on RedeTV!, Sonia Abram commented on the rumors of the end of the marriage of Ivete Sangalo and Daniel Cady. The news was first given by columnist Leo Dias.

“It’s news that exploded on the web and took everyone by surprise. Daniel Cady started deleting the couple’s photos on social media. There were no rumors of a crisis in the marriage, of probable separation. None of them spoke. Nobody saw either one with another person or any rumors to that effect, absolutely nothing. But, I think it’s important to make a reservation: Ivete didn’t manifest. There is no confirmation, no denial, nothing”, he said.

“She is very transparent with the public and has never hidden anything from her personal life. It’s her option to have this transparency with her fans. He, on the other hand, who was always much more discreet, didn’t say anything about it either”, added the presenter.


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