Subscribers to Auxílio Brasil can take out loans through Caixa Tem?

Caixa Econômica Federal started, this November, the release of a loan from BRL 300 to BRL 1,000 for clients of the Caixa Tem application. The initiative is part of the Caixa Tem Credit program, launched by the federal government in September this year and aimed at low-income citizens.

However, customers of the tool who are enrolled in Auxílio Brasil can’t hire the microcredit being offered by the bank. The loan is contracted directly through the Caixa Tem application.

Through the tool, the client can contract two types of loan: the first is aimed at personal expenses and the second is aimed at those who want to invest in their business. According to Caixa, the interest rate is only 3.99% and the client can pay the loan in up to 24 installments.

To apply for microcredit, the customer must update their registration in the Caixa Tem application. Just click on the option “Update your registration”, which appears in the system menu. The update is necessary for the bank to carry out a credit risk assessment of the customer.

After updating the registration, the user’s Digital Savings account becomes the Digital Savings+ account. Thus, he will have access to the ‘Crédito Caixa Tem’ option, where he will be able to make a simulation of values ​​and installments.

the citizen who wants become a Caixa Tem customer to apply for the loan, you must download the application for free and, in turn, follow the same steps regarding the registration update. The loan is being contracted gradually, depending on the month of the Caixa Tem customer’s birthday.

Calendar for old app clients who were born in:

  • January and February: 27/09;
  • March and April: 10/18;
  • May and June: 8/11;
  • July and August: 11/29;
  • September and October: 12/13;
  • November and December: 27/12.

Calendar for new clients do Caixa Have been born in:

  • January to June: 8/11;
  • July and August: 11/29;
  • September and October: 12/13;
  • November and December: 27/12.

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