Sugar consumption in early childhood is a risk factor for caries

Children aged zero to six years who consume sugar frequently are very susceptible to tooth decay. A study carried out at the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM), in Rio Grande do Sul, in a dental clinic, showed that eight out of ten children assisted ingested sugary foods and had cavities. Of 86 cases analyzed, oral disease was found in 86.2% of the sample.

According to the researchers, sugar consumption took place from nine months onwards, including in the bottle. “We realized that most people came to us when they already had some pain or when they had some process to treat. Mostly, preventive care is not sought, as guidance, to find out about oral health”, points out Fernanda Ortiz, co-author of the work.

She explains that, although they are baby teeth, the lack of care in the early years is also for the future. “It harms the eruption and the formation of the permanent tooth, which is the adult tooth. He will not be born immediately, only when he is older. It jeopardizes the entire formation and birth of that permanent tooth”, points out the researcher, who is a pediatric dentist.

Caries is directly related to sugar. “It is a behavioral disease, it is a complex process that exists with the formation of bacterial plaque. These bacteria feed mainly on sugar, produce acids and these acids in quotation marks corrode the tooth and start the process of tooth destruction, which is caries”, explains Fernanda. She highlights that this is one of the most prevalent childhood illnesses.

In this sense, both brushing and reducing or even not ingesting sugar are the main means of prevention. “We say that it is much easier to control the nutrition of the child and the family, than asking that child or family to brush their teeth every time they eat sugary food”, advises the pediatric dentist.

She remembers that the recommendation is not to eat sugar until you are two years old and after that age, ingest the least amount possible. And, with the birth of the first tooth, brush with fluoride toothpaste.

According to a press release from Bori Agency, the work was published this Friday (19) in Gaucha Dentistry Magazine.