The cast and author of Um Lugar ao Sol react with dissatisfaction after Globo’s changes

Cast and author of a place in the sun are showing dissatisfaction with time changeso promoted by Globe. The first to demonstrate publicly was Alinne Moraes, who posted criticism on social media.

After Alinne, other actresses in the cast, as well as the author Lícia Manzo, also replicated the same content on their Instagram profiles. Ana Beatriz Nogueira, who plays Elenice, and Ana Baird, who plays Nicole, published on their social networks the criticism of columnist Patrícia Kogut, from O Globo newspaper.

The text criticizes the constant schedule changes for the nine o’clock soap opera that Globo has done because of football broadcasts. Plot author, Lícia Manzo also posted the review. The novelist has her private profile on the social network, but Ana Beatriz Nogueira ended up giving it away when she reposted her publication.

Alinne Moraes has been the most engaged. She has been reposting each castmate’s posts. In addition, this Friday (19), the actress published the review again on her Instagram profile Stories.

Um Lugar ao Sol runs through Globo’s grid

The new nine o’clock telenovela has suffered from the schedule changes since the opening week (the plot premiered on November 8th). Already in its first week on air, the production was shown earlier also on Thursday, when it went on air at 8:30 pm – which is not common – because of the team’s game in the World Cup qualifiers.

This week, Um Lugar ao Sol had new changes in its airtime. On Tuesday (16), the telenovela was moved again. The serial was only aired at 22:30 because of the match between Argentina and Brazil in the World Cup qualifiers. Later, the 9 pm production suffered in the audience and set a negative record with the worst yop in the history of nine o’clock.

The next day, as is customary every Wednesday, the soap opera had its airing at 8:30 pm. The hourly variation was two hours from one day to another.

The constant changes in the schedule of A Place in the Sun come causing public dissatisfaction. Several viewers have complained to Globo on social networks because of the changes.

Victor Peccoli

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