Thousands of Cannibal Crabs Migrate to Australian Sea | World-News | Online Diary

More than 50 million cannibal red crabs have begun their traditional unrestrained ocean trek. The natural phenomenon is recorded annually on Christmas Island, Western Australia, when crustaceans leave the forest towards the sea to reproduce.

The event is considered one of the largest animal migrations on the planet and requires preparations, such as the creation of bridges and routes to ensure the safety of the animals. Houses, roads, tourist attractions: crustaceans, of the Gecarcoidea natalis species, go over everything to perpetuate their own species.

Tourists in the natural park based on the island admire the animals’ wanderings. Australia’s nature parks administration has published a video showing the bizarre event of nature.

Dr. Tanya Detto, one of the park’s coordinators, told the Daily Mail tabloid that this is the largest migration of its kind recorded at the site since 2005.

“It was great to see them funneling out of traffic and getting there [no oceano] safely,” she said, noting that the routes change a little every year, which is an extra challenge for researchers, who are trying to make the crustaceans safe.