‘Um Lugar ao Sol’: Christian goes after Lara and is destroyed by decision of ex | come around

🚘 Instead of staying by his wife’s side in such a difficult moment, the manager decides to go after Lara (Andréia Horta). That’s right! In Happy Landing.

🚘 But when he gets there, he discovers that his ex is scheduled to marry Mateus (Danton Mello) and is destroyed.

Check out spoilers of what’s to come in this Saturday’s November 20th chapter! 👇

Christian unburdens himself with Ravi in ​​’Um Lugar ao Sol’ — Photo: Globo

🧍🧍 The idea of ​​trying to fix the past comes after he opens his heart about losing his son to Ravi (Juan Paiva).

“It’s like someone else’s child. Renato’s child, maybe. But what saves me from feeling like a monster is that I still care about something, someone… I care about you.” will vent.

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Ravi advises Christian to look for Lara in ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’ — Photo: Globo

🧍🧍 The driver encourages the friend to look for Lara:

“It’s no use denying it, or running away. When you say you still care about something, or someone… Stop and think. Do you really believe that Lara’s life is not your concern?”, he’ll ask.

Christian watches Lara from afar in ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’ — Photo: Globo

Here comes the bride… and the scare!

👰‍The chat will hit our protagonist strong and he will decide to go after the ex. Before approaching Lara, Christian/Renato will be spying on the young woman from afar.

👰‍And this is how he will come across Marie (Maju Lima) trying to get flowers for his father’s wedding bouquet, Mateus, with Noca’s granddaughter (Marieta Severo).

“Today I’m going to have a new mother. And that’s why I’m picking up this flower”, will comment the girl.

“And what’s your new mother’s name?”, the man from Goiás will ask.

“Lara. My father is going to marry her today,” the girl will respond.

Christian/Renato talks with Marie in ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’ — Photo: Globo

💔Destroyed, Christian/Renato will come back to Rio de Janeiro crying and will decide to forget about Minas Gerais for good.

“I went there and looked the past in the face, as you had asked me to. It turns out that the past has changed, it doesn’t exist anymore. I’m a different guy,” said Ravi.

“Now she marries someone who… Whoever he is, he’s certainly someone better, and more worthy than me,” he concluded.

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Renato/Christian convinces Ravi to stay on the job. Renato/Christian consoles Barbara. Luan meets Santiago. Santiago decides to do the gymnastics session with Erica. Renato/Christian donates the trousseau purchased by Elenice for Ravi’s son. Ravi shows more patience with his son than Joy. Renato/Christian looks for Lara. Lara is distressed when faced with evidence that suggests Christian’s presence in the cafeteria. Renato/Christian learns from Marie that Lara will marry Mateus. Marie looks at a photo in a picture frame in Lara’s room and tells Noca’s granddaughter that it was the guy in the photo who helped her pick up the flower for the bouquet. Renato/Christian visualizes Lara dressed as a bride on the lawn at Engenhão while the judge and guests wait for Lara to say yes to Mateus.

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