Valentina Francavilla gets real on Dayane at Hora do Faro – Hora do Faro – R7 A Fazenda 13

O Faro time this Sunday (21) will host Valentina Francavilla, ninth out of The Farm 13, to the frame The Farm – Last Chance. In addition to telling everything about her experience on the reality show, the ex-peoa faces the sharp questions of journalists Chico Barney, Leo Dias and Keila Jimenez, and of the influencer Lucas Maciel, presenter of the Decompression Cabin.

During the interview, Valentina is confronted with videos of her former colleagues in confinement, which makes her realize that she may have been wrong about Dayane, and begins to regret the connection she had with her friend.

At the talk to the face, the Italian distributes “plates” with qualities and defects to players who remain in the competition, a moment in which she reveals what she really thinks about each one. Breaking a new record for “hates”, Gui Araújo receives a total of 13 negative plaques. For Day, Valentina customized the “prejudiced” sign and, for Solange Gomes, the “vt-zeira” sign.

Valentina still faces the dreaded truth machine, in which an expert analyzes whether she honestly answers questions about what she lived in the house.

The presenter Rodrigo Faro still conducts the firewood in the fire, virtual dynamic controversy with the confined that are in Itapecerica da Serra.

O Faro time is presented by Rodrigo Faro and airs on Sundays, from 3:15 pm on the Record TV.