VIDEO: Sthefane Matos and Aline heat up the mood and kiss | The Farm 13

Sthefane Matos enjoyed the party intensely and surprised the audience that followed the confinement, with the special participation of Joelma, on the PlayPlus screen. Subscribers of Record’s paid pay-per-view, were shocked when they caught Sthe in the act, kissing Aline Mineiro in the middle of the polar scene in ‘The Farm 13‘. The two people are committed outside the attraction, however, the former stage assistant of ‘Panico na Band’ has already stated that she has an open relationship.

It is not the first time that a lesbian kiss has taken place, in the edition presented by Adriane Galisteu, other people have also starred in hot scenes on the dance floor or in coexistence. Aline Mineiro and Dayane Mello, when they were still close, have exchanged kisses and make out within the rural reality. At parties prepared by the production, the duo used to kiss for real.

In the first party of the edition, a triple kiss also marked the first week of the millionaire competition. Mileide Mihaile, ex-wife of Wesley Safadão, was liberal and kissed Dayane Mello and Aline Mineiro at the same time. The moment went viral on social networks, however, the station did not show the exchange of affection in the issue.

Erasmo Viana, before being eliminated, criticized the attitude of Aline Mineiro, who is bisexual, in kissing another woman in the attraction: “Even her kissing another woman is already a put* of disrespect. I guess!”. the ex-husband of Gabriela Pugliesi also revealed to Victor Pecoraro, while participating in the game, that the dancer had other intentions with himself: “Another thing, at the other party too, she was the same way. Every bitch and talking dirty to me, she looked at me with a look eating me up”.

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Before participating in the confinement with other celebrities, Aline Mineiro spoke with the Venus Podcast about bisexuality: “I found out when I was 17 years old. I have no problem talking about it. I got the first girl when I was 17 years old. At school my little group was a friend who was gay, and two lesbian girls. I grew up in this universe. From an early age I learned these values, I learned a lot to respect, understand, so my life together was really cool”.

Rico Melquiades suddenly appeared while Mileide Mihaile and Dayane Mello were talking, sitting on the sofa near the dance floor. The man from Alagoas, who was dumbfounded when he saw the scene, ran to comment: “One sucking each other’s tongue”. Day, ex-sister of ‘Big Brother Itália’ who was involved with Aline Mineiro, replied to his rival: “Delicious!’.

Sthefane Matos, known as Sthe Matos, also at a certain point during the party chided Rico, who talked too much: “Shut up fag*!”. Aline Mineiro, on the other hand, went overboard and went after Dayane Mello, to confront her ex-friend and stay-at-home dancer, the dancer asked if the model was jealous: “Says you’re jealous?”.