Walcyr Carrasco revolts and stops following Camila Queiroz after Globo’s troubled departure

the weather between Walcyr Executioner and Camila Queiroz it went sour after the troubled departure of the actress from Globo. The author stopped following the young woman on Instagram after she leaves the cast of Secret Truths 2 before at the end of the recordings.

Carrasco, who until this Thursday (18th) followed Camila on the social network, already no longer appears among followers her this Friday (19). The actress, however, continues to follow the novelist – at least until this text is published.

It seems, Angel’s interpreter joined the author’s list of fouls. At Globo, Carrasco allegedly harbors regrets from actresses who hinder the development of his soap operas. Among the cases is that of Marina Ruy Barbosa, who refused to shave her hair in Amor à Vida, in 2013.

Walcyr Carrasco stopped following Camila Queiroz on Instagram (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Walcyr Carrasco stopped following Camila Queiroz on Instagram (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Camila started her career as an actress at Globo precisely at the hands of the novelist. She was released living the protagonist Angel in Secret Truths, in 2015.

After the successful plot, the actress repeated her partnership with Carrasco in Eta Mundo Bom (2016). In the plot, she even starred with her husband, Klebber Toledo. Then, he had one of the main roles in Pega Pega (2017) – soap opera currently on rerun at 7 pm – and in Verão 90 (2019).

In view of the success of Verdades Secretas, Globo commissioned the author for a second season of the story, launched on Globoplay. The situation started to turn sour when Camila signed a contract with Netflix on the mute, putting an end to the exclusivity of the Rio station.

Camila left Walcyr Carrasco in trouble

Even so, the actress made a link by work with Globo to return to play Angel in Verdades Secretas 2. And so it was done. However, because of the covid-19 pandemic, recordings of the plot were delayed. With that, the channel had to extend the actors’ contract for another seven days.

But at the time of contract extension, Camila imposed conditions. According to Globo, in order to sign the necessary bond to record the final scenes of the telenovela, she wanted to determine the outcome of the character Angel. Also required a formal commitment that it would be part of an eventual third season.

Furthermore, the actress made “other unacceptable contractual demands”, according to Globo. The broadcaster did not accept the conditions imposed for the extension of the contract. For this reason, decided to end the participation of the actress before the end of recordings. A stuntwoman will do the denouement for Angel.

Thereby, the end of Secret Truths 2 so guarded by Walcyr Carrasco, is already decreed: will be the death of Angel. Certainly the author didn’t like to see his novel with the ending torn apart because of Camila Queiroz.

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