who will be able to withdraw the benefit in 2022?

The PIS/Pasep still does not have an official scheduled calendar, but everything indicates that the benefit will be released in early 2022. As the payment for the 2020 base year did not happen in 2021, there is an expectation that next year the payments will be made. values ​​referring to base year 2020 and base year 2021.

According to the new rule, if the amount is doubled, the worker will receive the 2020 and 2021 allowance together, that is, on the same date.

In the previous rule, the payment of PIS/Pasep started in July of the previous year and ended in June of the current year. In order to have the resources to fund the BEm (Emergency Program for the Maintenance of Employment and Income), the government postponed the payment of the salary bonus to 2022.

However, the payment in double was not confirmed by the government, the most likely is that it will be paid in January of next year the PIS/Pasep for the base year 2020/2021. Meanwhile, the base year 2021/2022 has no forecast when it will be paid.

PIS (Social Integration Program) is aimed at workers who work with a formal contract. Payment is made in the month of the beneficiary’s birthday.

The Pasep (Program for the Formation of Public Servant Heritage) is aimed at public servants. Payment is made according to the Social Identification Number (NIS) – final registration number.

To be entitled to PIS/Pasep it is necessary:

Having received, on average, at most two minimum wages per month with a formal contract in 2020;

Have worked for at least 30 days in the previous year. This period can be counted consecutively or not;

Have the data updated by the employer in the Annual Social Information Report (Rais);

Be enrolled in the PIS/Pasep program for at least five years.

How to withdraw the PIS?

The private sector worker receives the PIS through Caixa Econômica Federal, the payment may be:

account credit, if the person has an account with Caixa;

ATMs, Caixa Aqui correspondents or even at lottery outlets. In all locations, simply present the Citizen’s Card to receive the PIS balance;

For those who do not have a Caixa account or do not have a Citizen Card, they must go to a Caixa branch, present their PIS number and an official identification document.


The beneficiary can check the balance on the Banco do Brasil website or by calling 4004-0001, 0800 729 0001 or 158.

To receive the amount, citizens can go to a Banco do Brasil branch with an official identity document with photo and CPF.

Account holders of other financial institutions can send TED to their account via ATM or through the website www.bb.com.br/pasep.

Those who do not have an account can withdraw their Salary Allowance at bank correspondents.