With a party atmosphere, the red-black fans do ‘AeroFla’ to say goodbye to the squad before the Libertadores final

Always present, the red-black fans did not let themselves be shaken by the tight schedule of this end of season and advanced the traditional AeroFla. The farewell party for the cast takes place this Friday, the 19th, just over a week before the end of the Libertadores, scheduled to take place on the 27th, in Montevideo, against Palmeiras.

The movement is certainly smaller than the historic shipment to Lima, at the end of 2019. That year, the shipment took place precisely on a holiday, which facilitated the presence of fans.

Even so, the rubro-negros crowded the surroundings of the Galeão Airport cargo terminal, in a party similar to that of that year. Flags, lots of singing and crowd gatherings along the Estrada do Galeão, on Ilha do Governador, set the pace for the party for yet another hopeful farewell.

“I came here straight from work. We have to support the game of the year — says Maurício Silva, an administration intern.

There are several fans who were at Aerofla de Lima. Jorge Sales, a resident of Lins de Vasconcelos, got off at the Aroldo Melodia BRT terminal, on Ilha do Fundão, and followed the crowd to the airport.

— We go all the way through Flamengo.

The club does not return home until after the decider; before heading to Uruguay, the team travels this Friday to Porto Alegre, where it will face two games: against Internacional, this Saturday, at 9:30 pm, and on Tuesday, against Grêmio.

Elenco has two games in Porto Alegre before the decisive one in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Elenco has two games in Porto Alegre before the decisive one in Montevideo, Uruguay.

With the format of an entourage, Aerofla departs from two points: from Ninho do Urubu, in Vargem Grande, in the West Zone of Rio, and at the Fundão BRT terminal. From these locations, groups of fans meet at the Galeão Airport Cargo Terminal, to finally say goodbye to the cast.

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