With Leila as the only candidate, Palmeiras holds elections this Saturday; see how the Assembly works

Leila Pereira must be confirmed as president of the palm trees and substitute for Maurício Galiotte this Saturday. The General Assembly of Verdão members will be held from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, in the social club’s multi-sport gym.

The president of Crefisa is running for the top position in Verdão with a single slate. Dismembered, the opposition was unable to form a homogeneous group to go head-to-head with the Alviverde adviser. However, the absence of another candidate does not automatically elect her.

At first, Leila had to be approved by the filter of the Deliberative Council, in October. At this stage, the slate needed to be approved by 15% of the body’s members. At the time, the candidacy was ratified by 67% of the councilors.

In this Saturday’s Assembly, Leila’s slate will have to exceed 50% of the votes for the victory to be confirmed. If more than half of the voters opt for blank or null, the election will be annulled, with a new election scheduled within 15 days. All club members who are in compliance and who have been registered for more than three years will be able to participate in the vote.

If Leila is elected, she assumes the presidency on December 15th. The Crefisa president’s ticket also includes vice-presidents Paulo Roberto Buosi, Maria Tereza Ambrósio Bellangero, Neive Conceição Bulla de Andrade and Tarso Luiz Furtado Gouveia. Buosi is the current vice president and is therefore seeking re-election.

Leila became an advisor to Palmeiras in 2017, receiving a historic number of 248 votes. In February 2021, she was re-elected and set her own record with 387 votes. It was at this point that she became able to run for president of the club.

Crefisa has been at Palmeiras since 2015, directly participating in the financial and sports reconstruction of the alviverde team. In August of this year, the company agreed to renew its sponsorship contract with Verdão until 2024.

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