Woman discovers that ‘super-cute’ heart-shaped freckle is actually aggressive cancer

One woman was horrified to discover that a freckle on her face that she considered “super cute” was actually aggressive skin cancer. Kayla Mailer has had a peculiarly shaped freckle since she was 12 years old and, over time, the heart design became clearer, prompting praise.

Kayla was 27 when the beauty mark on her left cheek lost its characteristic heart shape and started to darken. That’s when the resident of Portland (Oregon, USA) decided to visit a doctor. The freckle was removed and the skin sample was sent for biopsy.

Kayla and her heart shaped freckle
Kayla and her heart-shaped freckle Photo: Reproduction

Just three days later, the American received the devastating news that it was a “highly aggressive” form of melanoma.

The secretary underwent a delicate surgery, which cut her skin layer by layer, leaving her with a pepperoni-sized hole in the face.

Kayla Mailer after surgery
Kayla Mailer after surgery Photo: Reproduction

After tests revealed that there was no more cancer present, Kayla underwent a plastic surgery on the face to close the open wound.

Now, at age 32, Kayla has decided to share her story as a wake-up call for people to take better care of their skin and protect themselves from the sun.

“If I hadn’t removed the freckle, I would have died at age 28. I didn’t tan much before diagnosis, but when I was a kid I used to run around Alabama, usually without sunscreen, or at least without reapplying it every two hours.”, she said, in an article in the “Daily Mirror”.