Xuxa Meneghel gets emotional when she sees Sasha shining on the catwalks of the São Paulo Fashion Week

Sasha was the highlight of the Misci fashion show, which was attended by Xuxa, Luciano Szafir and João Figueiredo

Xuxa Meneghel (58) attended the São Paulo Fashion Week in the late afternoon of this Friday, 19.

The presenter went to honor her daughter, Sasha Meneghel (23), which paraded for the Misci brand.

In addition to the mother owl, the father, Luciano Szafir (52) and the husband, João Figueiredo (22), also watched everything from the front row of the event.

Sasha was the highlight of Misci and opened the show with great elegance. She was applauded by family members and also by the audience that was present.

She crossed the catwalk wearing a brown top and flowing brown pants with a sort of skirt on the sides. At the end of the show, the model wore another look.

To finish, the muse came up with a long brown dress with a cut in the neckline and back. With straight hair, big and golden earrings and a striking lipstick on her mouth, Sasha appeared stunning as a model.

In the end, Xuxa was moved to tears when she saw her daughter shining on the catwalk. Thrilled and proud, she stood up to applaud the blonde alongside her son-in-law and ex-husband, who paraded last Thursday, 18, at SPFW.

Check out Sasha Meneghel’s fashion show for Misci at São Paulo Fashion Week:

Sasha Meneghel at Misci's fashion show

Sasha Meneghel at Misci's fashion show

Sasha Meneghel at Misci's fashion show

Photos: Francisco Cepeda/AgNews

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