Zilu and Zezé Di Camargo’s current take part in a documentary, and Graciele denies having destroyed her marriage

The Camargo Family’s shacks used to film a movie, and it’s going to turn around. In fact, a documentary, with the right to the participation of all of Zezé’s relatives, including his current wife, Graciele Lacerda, and his ex, Zilu, together, in the same project.

“É o amor — Família Camargo” premieres in December on a streaming platform and will bring strong testimonials from family members, as well as Graciele denying having been the pivot in the end of Zezé’s marriage. “What hurts is being told: ‘you’re the one who destroyed the marriage,’” she says, who appears at another time hugging her stepdaughter Wanessa, who at first did not accept her stepmother.

Zilu also has his place of speech and releases the verb about separation. “If I knew I was going to take the direction my life took, no one would know who Zezé’s wife was”, he says. Another scene will show Wanessa in a climactic moment with her father during a meeting with the brothers to talk about her mother.

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Wanessa cries with depression

The controversial separation, by the way, will be well portrayed in the documentary, which also shows all of Graciele’s treatment of becoming pregnant with Zezé’s heir, and Wanessa facing a crisis of depression. In one of the excerpts, the singer appears in tears, saying that there is something wrong with her body. “I think I’m going to die”, she says, desperate and hugging her father.

The production will also have a lot of emotion, music and several family moments on the farm in Goiás and receiving singing friends, such as Paula Fernandes, Thiaguinho and Cleo. Promise!

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Camargo family wins documentary on the web
Camargo family wins documentary on the web Photo: Reproduction-Netflix
Graciele and Wanessa embrace
Graciele and Wanessa embrace Photo: Reproduction-Netflix
Zilu vents about separation from Zeze
Zilu vents about separation from Zezé Photo: Reproduction-Netflix
Graciele denies being the pivot of Zezé and Zilu's separation
Graciele denies being the pivot of Zezé and Zilu’s separation Photo: Reproduction-Netflix
Graciele shows treatment to get pregnant
Graciele shows treatment for getting pregnant Photo: Reproduction-Netflix
Wanessa reports depression crisis
Wanessa reports depression crisis Photo: Reproduction-Netflix
Wanessa cries in a crisis of depression
Wanessa cries in a crisis of depression Photo: Reproduction-Netflix
Graciele and Zezé undergo treatment to have a child
Graciele and Zezé undergo treatment to have a child Photo: Reproduction-Netflix

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