5 tips to increase your credit score on Serasa

In October, the number of indebted people in the country broke a new record: there are 12.2 million people in default, reaching 74.6% of families. The data were collected by the National Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC). For those who need loans and financing, not being in this statistic is the first step.

Another important factor in getting credit is maintaining a good Serasa score. This indicator is the “rating” given to a person according to their payer history. For this evaluation, several variables are considered that will analyze the probability of bills being paid on time in the 12 months of the year to start. From there, a score from 0 to 1,000 is generated for the CPF. That’s the credit score.

Companies, stores and financial institutions use score query systems to assess whether it is possible to grant loans to customers. Thus, it is important to keep the Serasa score high. To check your score, simply access the Serasa Score website. If the points are below the recommended (from 700 to 900), there are ways to raise that number. Here are 5 tips to increase your score credit card at Serasa:

  1. negotiate your debts

  2. clear your name

  3. Make good financial planning

  4. Pay your bills on time

  5. Check your CPF regularly and keep your record up to date

negotiate your debts

The first step for those with a low score caused by an accumulation of debts is to seek to negotiate them with creditors. Thus, it will be possible to pay off what is outstanding and recover the financial reputation in order to raise the score that will determine whether it is possible to get a loan or not.

clear your name

After negotiating the debts and managing to pay them, the next step is to wait for the name to be cleared, which must necessarily happen within 5 working days. However, it takes patience. It is not immediately possible to increase the score after clearing the name. You need to keep your bills paid on time in the coming months to get your score up.

Make good financial planning

Financial planning is an essential part of not accumulating debt, keeping the score high and consequently getting financing and credit from banks and financial institutions in general. With organized finances, it is possible to have control of all expenses and thus avoid unnecessary expenses.

Consult trading fairs

Accounts paid without delay is certainly a variable analyzed and taken into account to raise the score. Also, it is important to have bills in your name, such as your electricity bill. This will show the financial transactions and the payment on time. So, remember: late billet is synonymous with low score. Feirão Serasa Limpa Nome, for example, is an event that allows indebted consumers in the country to pay and renegotiate their debts. It is estimated that 62 million defaulters benefit from the opportunities offered.

Check your CPF regularly and keep your record up to date

Finally, it is important to keep your record up to date on Serasa and to check your CPF status regularly. The Register of Individuals is always linked to all purchases, that is, whenever a loan is requested, the company consults the score of the CPF score. Therefore, it is important to consult it whenever possible to ensure that everything is fine and that there were no transactions that could have generated an undue denial.