actor cuts hair after a year and a half and surprises

Caio Blat, 41, shared with his fans, last night, a video showing that he cut the beard that went viral after his grandmother sent him an audio complaining about his appearance. He reported that the hair had already reached 30 cm and joked that he was no longer recognizing himself with his smooth face.

In an Instagram publication, the actor showed a video with a step by step of how he cut his beard after having been without a beard for a year and a half due to the filming of the movie “Grande Sertão: Veredas”.

Caio Blat shows shaving process - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Caio Blat shows process by removing the beard

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

“Those who follow me around here, for sure, remember my grandmother Jane’s video and audio. The big day has arrived, grandma, let’s get that beard off,” he commented, still with a gigantic beard.

The video shows the passing step of cutting the beard that had hit the 30 cm mark. “There’s a braid here, look,” he reported.

At the end, Caio Blat already appears with his face as the public is used to seeing him on TV and says he is having trouble recognizing himself.

Who is this guy? I don’t know this guy

In the caption of the video post, the actor celebrated having endured more than a year without touching his beard and advised fans to watch the movie “Marighella”.

“1 year and a half waiting to film Grande Sertão: Veredas, by Guel Arraes and Flavilac. 30cm of Riobaldo’s beard coming out now! Long live Brazilian cinema, watch Marighella, 2022 will be ours!”, he wrote.

In the comments, friends and fans of the artist insisted on charging him to post an audio of his grandmother commenting on the new look.

“Waiting for the audio of your grandmother praising you,” wrote a follower. “Your grandma will love it,” joked another netizen. “Your grandma knows her stuff,” said a third fan.

scolding grandma

Last May, Caio Blat turned on social media after a few clicks of his leaving a market, causing surprise due to the size of his beard.

Caio Blat draws attention for the size of his beard in Rio

Fate wanted the image to reach his grandmother, who thought that the actor was in a phase of sloppiness and sent him an audio calling attention to the fact that he was ugly.

In an interview with Rede Globo’s program “Encontro”, Dona Janete commented that she was calm after sending the audio to her grandson for having said ‘everything she wanted’.

He doesn’t always listen. This time I said everything I had to tell him. He didn’t give me the answer and I figured he didn’t like it. I didn’t even take notice, at least he heard everything I wanted.

The grandmother also said that she was shocked when her grandson shared the message on social media.

Imagine how I felt, I would never have imagined that he would put it on ‘Insta’, I was shocked, I wanted to die!