Aena Brasil signs contract to renovate Recife Airport

Recife Airport Terminal – Image: Guga Matos / Setur-PE

Aena Brasil, manager of six airports in the Northeast of Brazil, including Recife Guararapes International Airport – Gilberto Freyre, signed, this Friday morning (19), a contract with the Passarelli-Método consortium for the renovation and expansion of airport equipment Pernambuco.

The works should start in early 2022 and will be delivered by 2023, as governed by the concession contract with the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC).

Representing Aena Brasil, alongside the CEO, Santiago Yus, were Roberto Ramirez, Economic and Financial Director; Raul Moya, Director of Operations, Infrastructure and ICT; and directors from other areas of the company. Representing the consortium, signed the president of Passarelli, Paulo Bittar; and the president of Method, Hugo Vinicius Rosa, accompanied by executives from the respective companies.

Image: Aena Brazil

“This signature is very symbolic, since with it, Aena Brasil begins a process of historic transformation of Recife Airport, one of the main gateways to the Brazilian Northeast, and demonstrates its commitment to the municipality, with Pernambuco and with Brazil”, emphasizes the CEO of Aena Brasil, Santiago Yus.

Recife International Airport is entering the second phase of the works foreseen in the concession model. In this second phase, called 1B, the airport will undergo significant changes, gaining a more modern and efficient management in all stages of passenger, baggage and cargo processing.

Improvements include expansion of the terminal, increase in operational capacity and increase in runway, taxi and flight deck areas. In addition, the terminal will gain more commercial space, being able to receive a greater number of stores and restaurants.

“We are honored and very happy to sign a contract with Aena Brasil for the expansion of Recife Airport. This is yet another project that makes us proud to participate, as we have the opportunity to put into practice our expertise and excellence in the airport segment, to carry out yet another project that will positively transform the lives of the population of Pernambuco”, points out Paulo Bittar, director -President of Passarelli, the company that leads the consortium executing the works.

“Recife deserves a modern airport structure that offers an incredible experience to travelers. We are happy to be part of this dream together with Aena Brasil”, adds Hugo Vinicius Rosa, president of Method Engenharia.

Information from Aena Brasil

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