After an injury to her legs, Mait Proena presents herself on crutches in BH – Cultura

(photo: Helvecio Carlos//EM/DA Press)

The actress Mait Proena performed on crutches this Saturday (20/11), at the Cine Theatro Brasil Vallourec, with the piece ‘O Pior de Mim’. After a round of applause, the actress was happy to return to the theater in person. Although the play is made in a hybrid format, Mait says it was “depressing” and “terrible” to have performed in lives, without the public present in the audience, during the pandemic.

Mait also thanked the audience for their presence and played with the competition with the game between Atltico and Juventude, at the same time as the play. “There was still the Atltico game, did you guys win?” After the audience responded positively, she breathed a sigh of relief: “Oh, good!”

The presentation was named among the best of 2020 by the newspaper “O Globo”, by the Observatrio do Teatro portal, and nominated for the Arcanjo de Cultura Award. The event that will have its last exhibition in Belo Horizonte next Sunday (21/11) has an interpretation of pounds. The programming is carried out in a hybrid format, and on-site tickets are available at R$60 (full price) and R$30 (half-price ticket). To watch the broadcast, the value of R$10 (full price) and R$5 (half price). For both formats, the purchase can be made through the theater’s website or at the box office.

In a video posted on her social networks, the actress shows her crutches and says: “Look at the situation, you see how beautiful it is. I ruined everything, I can’t step on. I’ve been like this for three weeks and now it’s worse. I had to resort to cortisone. even though I’m total nature,” he said.

life trajectory

The digital format of the piece will be transmitted via the Eventim platform: when purchasing the right to digital access, each person will receive a pass with a different entry link. It is important to note that each digital access entitles to only one valid link. Life trajectory The play tells the actress’s life story, from childhood to the present day.

On stage, she reflects on how her troubled family history had repercussions on her personal life and career, the eventual blockages developed and everything she needed to do to break free. In the piece, it is possible to see the circumstances that were imposed on her, in crossing with the traps that she imposed herself to defend herself: “I present to you the most hidden part of me, the one that even I had the courage to snoop around. More than ever, we are here. Keeping an eye on the life of the other. In this unbridled voyeurism, we compare ourselves, in order to better understand ourselves. Isn’t that so? Come and take a look, I’ll let you,” says Mait Proena.

The event is part of the Mostra Cine Brasil de Teatro, sponsored by Instituto Unimed-BH and supported by Laboratrio Hermes Pardini. (With information from Gabriela Leo Silva*)