After asking for a divorce, Mirella asks Dynho to stay on the farm

In recent days, due to the interaction between Dynho Aves and Sthe Matos in “A Fazenda 13”, MC Mirella has filed for divorce against the dancer, and is already taking care of the legal formalities of the matter.

However, unexpectedly, the singer asked this Saturday, November 20, so that, if her ex-husband is nominated for Roça, that he remain on the reality show instead of his fans voting for his elimination.

On her official Twitter profile, the funkeira made a series of posts asking her “Sterellas”, fans and Stefani Bays, to make Dynho stay on the program so as not to interfere with her in the divorce process.

“If Dynho goes to the farm, please don’t take him out. Help me sterellas. I have a lot of things to sort out. It will delay me horrors. But God knows everything!” she said.

Guys, I never ordered anything, so please let me know if this week goes bad! Vote for him to stay, because if he leaves, I’ll curl up out here!”

“Bad woke up attacked. Put me on a single reality show now to see the damage I do. Living baby, I only learned one thing: not to stop living for the sake of others, it is uncertain if they would do for you, what you do for others. He hangs himself from the rope”, concluded Mirella.

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Within the reality show on Record TV, Dynho Alves still doesn’t know anything. At dawn this Saturday, November 20, while talking with Dayane Mello and Mileide Mihaile, he recalled the beginning of his relationship with the ex-pea, the great moments of the wedding and spoke of the ‘tranquility’ in the relationship.

“She prepared everything, the wedding. She asked me to date. I had been getting a tattoo at the beginning, she went to my house, bought a bunch of stuff, ordered her to buy the name, put a bunch of stuff on it. I got home and she was there. I opened the door and ‘boom!’ She played the ‘man’s role,’” he shared.

Then, the pawn spoke of the nearly five years they have spent together and highlighted that it was up to his wife to prepare for the ceremony that made the relationship official. Furthermore, he was also surprised by the care of his beloved.

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“All these years went by, A Fazenda. We went to Cancún, prepared the ceremony, called our friends and such. She arrived and said: ‘Dynho, we are going to get married here in Cancún,'” he pointed out to the people.

Anyway, he made a reflection on how good the funkeira is and how happy he feels with her. The pawn also said that he ‘found himself married’ even before the two made their relationship official, because they already lived together. Furthermore, he revealed that they still fight, but for simple everyday reasons.

“I saw myself married, we spent all these years together, it will be five years now in February. I do not believe. She asked me to date, she asked me to marry her. I value it so much! There were several turmoils in our marriage. We always got over it, we always talk, eye to eye. Today we fight over something stupid, but nothing more than that. She’s amazing!”, he reinforced.

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