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Bárbara (Alinne Moraes) will make breathtaking discoveries in Um Lugar ao Sol. After dealing with the death of the baby who will give birth, the preppy will learn that Renato (Cauã Reymond) has a child with another woman in the TV show at 9:00 on Globo. She will not accept “stepson” easily.

Santiago’s daughter (José de Abreu) ​​told her husband that she was pregnant during the couple’s honeymoon in Prague, Czech Republic. Unaware that she has bonded with Renato’s poor twin and that her real boyfriend has died, she will charge Christian (Cauã Reymond) for a past that is not his.

In scene that will aired this Wednesday (24), Barbara will learn the unpleasant news from Nicole (Ana Baird). The rich woman’s sister will see her brother-in-law chat with Maria Fernanda (Fernanda Nobre) on the phone and will hear the two set the location and date of a meeting.

The redhead, who doesn’t like Christian because of Renato’s worrying history, will follow. She will open the eyes of Alinne Moraes’ character and denounce that the man has a child out of wedlock. What no one imagines is that the bad guy is dead, and the good guy is the one who took his place.

Christian will be surprised when he finds out more about this rotten dead brother. In addition to running over a man and sending erotic messages to his fiancee’s friend, he also had an affair with another and got her pregnant.

Without good manners, Lara’s ex-boyfriend (Andréia Horta) will show that his ideas are not so strong. He will take for himself one more of the characteristics of Elenice’s son (Ana Beatriz Nogueira): that of solving problems with money. Christian will open his wallet willing to put aside his brother’s affair and avoid a crisis in his relationship with Barbara.

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Christian/Renato (Cauã Reymond)

Christian/Renato (Cauã Reymond) on stage

Chapter summary

Monday, 11/22 (Chapter 13)
Lara agrees to marry Matthew. Noca confides in Dalva that he’s worried about her granddaughter. Ruth and Túlio celebrate Christian/Renato’s negotiation in the sale of the Brás de Pina market. Ruth gets the address of the restaurant where Túlio is going to have dinner with Rebeca, Ilana and Breno. Rebeca catches Tulio and Ruth arguing.

Breno asks Ilana about the couple’s project to have children. Mateus proposes to Lara that they both put the past aside and start a new life. Manoel’s son attacks Christian/Renato, accusing the boy of not having fulfilled his promise to his father. Ravi tells Christian/Renato that Romero is between life and death. Christian/Renato goes to the shelter in Goiânia, where he is received by Avany.

Tuesday, 11/23 (Chapter 14)
Avany gets sick when she sees Christian/Renato, and Luzia explains to Avany that the boy is Christian’s twin brother. Christian/Renato asks to visit Romero. The school principal informs Noca and Dalva that they will no longer be able to attend classes, at the request of the students’ parents. Joy decides to go out for fun, while Ravi takes care of Francisco.

Ilana comments to Rebeca that she is thinking about defrosting her eggs. Nicole listens to Naldo’s friends make fun of his physical appearance. Joy vents to Adel about her clumsiness with Francisco. Breno photographs Cecilia. Santiago presents Christian/Renato with the pen that belonged to his father and claims that he will be his successor. Maria Fernanda reveals to Christian/Renato that he is the father of her child.

Wednesday, 11/24 (Chapter 15)
Christian/Renato is impacted by the news that he is Luc’s father and asks Maria Fernanda to talk better. Barbara criticizes Santiago for his lack of attention and understanding with Nicole. Before meeting Luc, Christian/Renato asks Maria Fernanda for some time so that Barbara can digest the loss of her son.

Maria Fernanda makes it clear to Christian/Renato that she’s going to fight for Luc to meet his father. Ilana and Breno disagree during the medical appointment. Rebeca argues with Barbara. Rebeca decides to accept Felipe’s invitation. Lara asks Noca not to speak ill of the school near Marie. Christian/Renato is shocked when he enters the house and sees Maria Fernanda talking to Barbara.

Thursday, 11/25 (Chapter 16)
Maria Fernanda tells Barbara that she has a child. Lara alerts Mateus to the shoe shop’s accounting situation. Elenice invites Alípio to stay at her house. Barbara accepts Elenice’s offer to handle the sale of her property. Santiago releases resources for Christian/Renato to carry out their personal training project.

Christian/Renato reveals to Ravi that he is afraid Barbara will end the marriage if she learns of Luc’s existence. Nicole overhears Christian/Renato making a date with Maria Fernanda. Maria Fernanda refuses Christian/Renato’s money and decides that Luc won’t live with him. Nicole observes, without being seen, the encounter between Maria Fernanda and Christian/Renato. Nicole calls Barbara.

Friday, 11/26 (Chapter 17)
Barbara is shaken when the doctor reveals that a new pregnancy is impossible. Santiago tells Christian/Renato about Barbara’s irreversible diagnosis and informs him that his daughter is heading towards Búzios. Nicole tells Rebeca that Christian/Renato has a child out of wedlock. Christian/Renato saves Barbara. Joy rejects Ravi.

Rebeca is surprised to find Felipe in Búzios, and the two kiss. Túlio learns that Rebeca was with Felipe in Búzios. Rebeca tells Túlio that Renato/Christian has a child out of wedlock. Mateus discovers that Lara lied to him, saying that she had stopped taking the pill. During the dinner in honor of Christian/Renato, Túlio reveals to Santiago that Barbara’s husband has a son.

Saturday, 11/27 (Chapter 18)
Christian/Renato attacks Tulio. Barbara doesn’t accept Christian/Renato’s explanations and pushes him away. Nicole tells Elenice that Barbara is in a nursing home. Elenice tells Teodoro that Christian/Renato doesn’t know he became sterile after he contracted mumps as a child.

Teodoro concludes that the child Barbara was expecting was not Christian/Renato. Cecília accuses Rebeca of being responsible for the end of Felipe’s relationship with Bela. Santiago fires Christian/Renato from the company, at Barbara’s request. Lara discovers that Noca has put the house up for sale and has gotten a job in Rio.

Ravi can’t convince Christian/Renato not to go after Lara. Barbara calls Christian/Renato apologizing and tells her that Elenice showed her the negative result of Luc’s DNA. Lara and Mateus spot Christian/Renato’s car in an accident on the road.

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